Executive functioning difficulties suck

It can be hard to organise my thoughts. Organising and planning things is difficult. Multi step tasks tend to confuse and overwhelm me . Like how to get from A to end result E .

As far as I can tell meds don’t help with this. Well at least not for me but they may do for others.


Med don’t help I have it all…!!!

Break it down. Just the now is important.

To get from A to E …you need b first.

I’d say planning is the key. Write it down may be? So tick it off a list. If you write it down…it’ll help the planning angle…you can see the end result!

So. Write down A and plan to get through B, C, D, and how you get to E. You can work out slowly how to do it!


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That’s the problem though-organising and planning. I don’t deny that planning is the key but it just tends to throw me.

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I did a research study that help me with name and numbers and organizing pills and tasks. but after the study drug wear off im help leesss. the code name and number are not on the market so I waiting. and yea it sucks


Guys…I don’t deny it but rote learning was just write it down. It helped!

If you have to do something. Write it down! It does work to learn and that may help get over the problems…

I’m no expert! I do know I’d different from most but I have my own issues for sure!

It’s just a suggestion. If you break it down into small, manageable tasks your doing better for sure!

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You explained it very well @firemonkey. I have no clue how to get rid of this, but sarcosine might have been of help a little.

To do with autistic children but still pertinent re executive functioning:

If you tell the child to clean his room, he will freeze and become overwhelmed by the task, not knowing where to begin. These children have problems breaking things down into small parts, getting started and then sequentially completing all steps of the task.

I’m a bit wary of that because of some talk of increased risk of prostate problems with it. I already have some genetic markers that put me at increased risk.

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