Executive functioning difficulties

How do you cope with these, be it through drugs(doctor prescribed or not) or non drug approaches?
I have yet to find an AP that really helps with this. Whilst being ok in some respects risperdal has little effect on it.
On the test at http://www.brainfitnesscentersofflorida.com/fitness.html , which I have tried more than a few times, my scores(percentile wise) for executive functioning have been 1-very low, 3-low,9-low average,5-low,4-low,2-low,10-low average,4-low,18-low average,2-low,2-low,12-low average,7-low,10-low average, 5-low,16-low average,5-low,2-very low,14-low average, 4-low.

The best is 18. 18th percentile is about 86 in IQ terms. The lowest is 1 .I is about 65 in IQ terms. Therefore my IQ in terms of executive functioning ranges between 65 and 86.
Averaging the results out to the nearest whole number it’s 7 =78.

Obviously I am not that unintelligent but I wonder how many of us otherwise reasonably intelligent people here have a difficulty with executive functioning, and score much lower for that.


Sz make us diffcult …i hope they will find biological causes of sz…it will be effective. .man u may live forever…god bless all of us…

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Mods- No one apart from far_cry has replied ,and no one has any advice, I guess this isn’t a problem for people(surprisingly) so could you close/delete the thread.

I’m a little disappointed as I don’t often seek advice.

How do you define “executive functioning”?
I didn’t understand this term and all it implies


6 and 7 especially are problems for me.1 has applied at times in the past but not so much recently. Not sure about 2. 3 was a definite problem before meds but I’m less emotionally reactive now. 4 can be a problem. 5 I think is ok .

I did the test. I got average.

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Here is my last attempt. I slowed my reactions down for the executive functioning part to see if it would make much of a difference. It didn’t

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Here is my latest score with reaction time speeded up.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. I understand it can be quite a hindrance. I myself dont have positive symptoms anymore and no meds, but I do still have major issues with executive functioning. All areas of it except selfmonitoring. I’m not dumb in general…I used to get the highest percentile scores in IQ tests, but I’m having huge issues organising my daily life. Some of the most complex intellectual tasks are easy to me, but some of the simplest executive functioning tasks can be extremely hard for me. Many people fail to understand the struggle.

I havent found a solution. If I do I will surely let you know, im searching for a solution as well. I just wanted to tell you I recognize your issue. You are not alone in this.


I have executive functioning difficulties! I have an especially hard time when faced with a new task. Sarcosine helps me, but I think I remember you saying it didn’t work for you.


There are some studies of Ellen J. Langer that may help you, @firemonkey. It’s about, for example, living things that make you feel healthier and then it may increase your cognitive functions.

There is a book of hers called Counterclockwise:


If we could turn back the clock psychologically, could we also turn it back physically?

For more than thirty years, award-winning social psychologist Ellen Langer has studied this provocative question, and now, in Counterclockwise, she presents a conclusive answer: Opening our minds to what’s possible, instead of presuming impossibility, can lead to better health―at any age.

Drawing on landmark work in the field and her own body of highly original experiments―including her “counterclockwise” study, in which elderly men lived for a week as though it was 1959 and showed dramatic improvements in their hearing, memory, dexterity, appetite, and general well-being―Langer shows that the magic of rejuvenation and ongoing good health lies in being aware of the ways we mindlessly react to social and cultural cues.

Examining the intricate but often defeatist ways we define our physical health, Langer challenges the idea that the limits we assume and impose on ourselves are real. With only subtle shifts in our thinking, in our language, and in our expectations, she tells us, we can begin to change the ingrained behaviors that sap health, optimism, and vitality from our lives. Improved vision, weight loss, and increased longevity are just three of the results that Langer has demonstrated.

Provocative and riveting, Counterclockwise offers a transformative and bold new paradigm: the psychology of possibility. A hopeful and groundbreaking work by an author who has changed how people all over the world think and feel, Counterclockwise is sure to join Mindfulness as a standard source on new-century science and healing.

I have never tried it because of its supposed effect on the prostate.

Various snp genotypes via loading my raw data to Promethease say

2x increased prostate cancer risk;

In Japanese, 6.2x increased risk of developing prostate cancer, a 3x increased risk of developing BPH, and a 5.5x increased risk of developing metastatic prostate cancer

1.3x risk of prostate cancer

1.7x increased risk for prostate cancer

1.38x increased risk for prostate cancer
1.7x increased risk for prostate cancer

somewhat higher risk for prostate cancer

increased prostate cancer risk (odds ratio 1.6)

1.2x increased risk of prostate cancer

1.5x increased prostate cancer risk

1.36x risk for prostate cancer

somewhat higher risk for prostate cancer

somewhat higher risk for prostate cancer

1.1x increased risk for prostate cancer

1.5-1.7x increased risk of prostate cancer

2.47x higher risk for prostate cancer

increased prostate cancer risk

My father has had prostate problems but so far no cancer.

I’m put off by the hyperbolic spiel.

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My pdoc says I have exec functioning deficit and that why I struggle with some life stuff…
Thanks for sharing link maybe I can muster the energy sometime

It seems that I can’t concentrate on both the executive functioning and verbal memory at the same time.
If I concentrate to do better on the executive functioning part then second go round with the words it’s much harder. Mind goes more of a blank.

SMARTWATCH! and SMART PHONE! (and sarcosine, but i know you can’t take that)

I have horrible executive functioning. I would go months without medicine because I forgot my appointment. I would lose track of time and organization and I would never get to pdoc appointments, career counseling appointments, or do stuff like dishes.
Department of rehab bought my samsung classic smart watch and it’s changed my life!
I’ve been happily medicated for months now, on time!

I plug in daily activities like wash dishes go to appt go to work do laundry call…etc…and it vibrates and forces me to look at my wrist to see what’s going on.

took test: verbal memory low at 74, executive functioning average at 90. I guess my e.fucntioning wasn’t horrible, it just isn’t good. It must be my memory that’s causing all my problems!
After test, I still stand by smartwatch advice.