Would you have problems meticulously planning something fairly complex daily

It’s related to something specific and I feel really dyslexic about it I’m not dyslexic I just wondering if it’s an autism and schizophrenia thing

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I would hate planning funerals, weddings or the like.

I’m not very organized.


This feels like an executive functioning thing

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Is this about a job you’re looking into?

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It’s actually fairly ridiculous it’s about food planning

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I don’t plan food. But I think with a bit of effort it should be doable. You could also stick to a diet. Maybe that’s easier.

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No. Also, I’m dyslexic, autistic, and schizophrenic.

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I have been planning my food quite meticulously… According to calories food types et cetera but my SPONSOR wants me to plan according to Weighed and measured of certain food groups
I just need to know if it’s because I’m unwilling and scared Or if it’s because I have actual problems planning
I don’t see how I can say look at a plan saying three portions of vegetables for ounces of protein and a piece of fruit and plan around that every day every meal for the rest of my life

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I feel like she’s asking to speak Latin

You could just say to your sponsor that it’s too much work to weigh everything.


I’ve been wearing everything I just don’t know how to plan around measurements I’ve been waiting to find out how many calories certain things I just can’t get my head around the planning in reverse
makes me want to scream and panic

Eat healthy. Small portions and exercise.

You don’t have to make losing weight more complex than it is.

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I can’t do that as it annoyes the hell out of me. I do things like make WW Zero Point soup and fill up on a large bowl of that before having a meal of high calorie stuff. Keeps you from overeating.

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I just have to do a SPONSOR tells me to do but I can’t get my head around planning vegetables i’m protein and what I’m going to eat around weight
If you tell me what I have to weigh before I have to choose what it is to eat

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It’s always the fact that it annoys me more than anything that makes me want to scream and cry
I know this sounds really pathetic
I don’t find it annoying only I also find it panicking

It’s not pathetic. Some things are simply irksome enough that the person suggesting them should be told to stuff a large object into a small orifice.

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@ozymandias i can’t change my sponsor and what her requirements are based on personal preference
I have to be able to tell her it’s an executive functioning thing really… Otherwise there’s no excuse
I can’t think of an example to do with alcohol unless it was telling you what to drink that wasn’t alcohol you must drink three Fluid ounces of something with x amount of calories but just imagine it’s even more complicated And every meal

Maybe I should just try it for one day
Find out whether it’s possible to make a new habits
I swear I am kicking and screaming on this one all the way

Feels like it is an issue with this kind of thing @ozymandias

At work and can’t answer in detail right now, but two thoughts…

  1. One can’t compare food and booze additiction. AA is an abstinence program. You can’t abstain from food unless you’re not planning to live much longer.
  2. I have fired sponsors and been fired by sponsees. Sometimes the relationship doesn’t work and that’s okay.
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thanks for trying to answer at all… @ozymandias It feels like a really difficult issue this is just so small

Breakfast 450 cal
lunch 700 cal
supper 850 cal
no sugars whatsoever
no sultanas
no dates
no yoghurt of any kind
no cheese
no bread other than rye bread
no White pasta
No eating between meals
drinks nothing more than five Cal 100 mil between meals
no fruit juice

this is my current food abstinence

my SPONSOR also wants me To agree to certain weights of certain food groups at each meal

like I said I find this impossible to even think about
Planning what to eat around guidelines like that… I feel like if it was three portions of vegetables two portions of protein and one piece of fruit and perhaps two portions of carbohydrate
At lunch and something slightly different for supper
it makes me want to run a screaming mile

my planning functioning seems to be malfunctioning
on this one
I feel like I’d go so should I have a stirfry or soup or what else is there to eat or what should I have with that or what should I have with that what should I have with that not in anyway natural processing skill for me

I also have to try to get my husband to eat healthily and he is the opposite types of foods
He likes chicken and chips I like soup and avocado and Ryebread

I don’t understand how to organise it in my head
i’m trying to Plead executive function difficulty but i don’t know if it will wash
Feels like screaming baby syndrome