Excessive sweating

It seems like I sweat significantly more than any other person I know. Although currently it has a lot to do with my weight, but even while I was at a proper weight I basically would sweat all the time. For example, at work, my shirt and pants would be soaking wet in sweat, while people might just have a little sweat in their armpits.

Do any of you have this problem?

This is a known medical condition. I know someone who has it, but I’m not sure how he deals with it.

I used to sweat a lot more when I was heavier

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I also sweat a lot. Even when it is cool/cold and I’m just a little bit active I’d sweat. Also some AP’s can cause you to sweat as it mess around with your body’s ability to control it’s core temperature. It is listed as a side effect for Abilify for example.

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I have bed wetting at night and saliva drooling but this is side effect of clozapine

I sweat easily and a lot. It doesn’t take much to get me sweating. I attribute it to alcohol, caffeine, med’s, and the fact that we used to sweat as much as we could when I wrestled in high school. We put on rubber sweat suits and sweated our asses off to lose weight. I guess I got good at sweating. You can gain and lose surprising amounts of weight by sweating and drinking fluids.

I have a problem with sweating a lot. I’ll be sitting in a room with sweat rolling down my face while everyone else appears to be ok. It gets to be a problem when I go places in the summer, especially since I walk everywhere.