Example of disorganized thinking/speech?


This is probably an odd question to ask, but I’m going to go through with it anyway. Can anyone give me an example of disorganized speech and/or thinking? I think that I might have it, but I want to have an example given to me so that I can get a better idea of it.


Aimless thinking…!!!



I would say that every day with psychosis is considered a cataclysmic event. That’s where the thought disorder comes from. The ■■■■■■■ sky is falling man and you want me to think strait??


Thoughts that don’t make sense


Sometimes I get tripped up and start saying one thing, then a thought pops in my head and I say something else, or my words get jumbled and it comes out a mess. Sometimes I have to repeat a phrase once or twice to get it out right. I think that would be disorganized speech. I have to take extra time sometimes to really think about what I’m going to say to say it correctly.


That happens to me, too. It’s like every thought I’m thinking tries to come out at the same time, like I’m trying to describe the beginning of a sphere. I have to stop and really plan out what I want to say, make it into a story rather than the whole idea at once.


I Have a real hard time Talking My words always get mixed up And I don’t know how to say what I want to say My problem is so bad that when I talk people cant Understand what I’m trying to say and it upsets me I fill so stupid that I cant talk rite


I don’t know necessarily about thinking, but I know I’ve experienced the speaking portion of it. I used to be a very argumentative debating kind of person, but my grasp on what I’m saying and connecting the words to explain a concept can just slip from me and I’ve lost my razor wit. Or at least what I considered being witty. Once they lowered the dose I noticed a marked improvement in my thought clarity, but I still feel like I’m not all there. Its a freaking tragedy.

I used to really be passionate about the pursuit of truth in all its forms and got really interested in the entry grade philosophy stuff, but now I can’t even pretend to know about truth now that I’m in this position.

A schizophrenic will never wholly be able to describe reality reliably :*( I’m no longer the solid link in a chain that controls my emotions and feels the rigidity of having convinced themselves they’ve worked through the logic and feel well settled in their beliefs.

I was in an argument with my neighbor in the summer barefoot on a cement porch, and I lost my temper. I didn’t care about my neighbors opinion or why they were being a jerk, I just told them off, and in a very rude and angry way that put me in the wrong. I just feel like the cement being hot, and my focus being diverted made me mentally weak when I used to be so sharp. I used to just never get rattled, at least in the moment.


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