Disorganized speech

This is suppose to be an example of disorganized speech. What do you think?

That’s how it is with me. I can’t finish a thought before I start a new one

My mom says I have disorganized speech but I don’t see it.

I didn’t think his speaking sounded disorganized.
Everything he said connected together in a logical way.

Oh, wait,
I’m Dx’d with a Thought Disorder…


I thought he had a hard time articulating things…but I thought disorganized speech was worse. He definitely had strange ideas, which I’m no stranger to. I think a lot of these guys are either low functioning or are not stable. Haven’t times changed? Better medication and outcomes.

I think this is an interesting educational video for those not aware of disorganized speech.

Wow. That sounds a lot like me at times.

I need to start recording myself to see if I have disorganized speech.

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