Disorganized thinking what is this?

Anyone have this but able to speak in a linear fashion. My thoughts literally make no sense at times they are like jibberish or the wrong words, but I can communicate somehow so I don’t know if this is disorganized thinking, thought insertion, or OCD intrusive thoughts. This is the question that continues to baffle both me and my psychiatrist and perhaps the most important indicator of what my diagnosis could be. If anyone has had these experiences, (intrusive thoughts of a bizarre nature, thougts that don’t make sense, or racing jibberish in their minds that can’t be understood and are distracting. Please share

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Question, when you think is it like you are communicating with yourself in other words do you think very slowly and almost at the same pace as speaking out loud? If you think slowly in my mind it is intrusive thoughts but if you think with your imagination and fast and still cannot think it could be disorganization actually in its pure form.

I honestly have no idea. I know that the thoughts are overwhelming and they make me frett. But I can’t tell what speed they are coming in. Maybe fast racing ones

My thoughts distract me in lots of ways and I think differently at different times. It is hard for me to say for certain what thoughts are normal and what are from an illness.

The one that stands out is being able to think much faster than I am able to act, and having to split my attention or focus on remembering something I have to do. This causes me to completely lose track of everything I was thinking about. I developed quite a good filing system to keep up with recording all my ideas. That was when I was manic though.

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yes! the first day i saw my psychiatrist i told her i had very chaotic thinking. i didnt htink i had schizoaffective , another dr before that diagnosed me with mixed state bipolar. anyway she said that disorganized thinking is key in schizophrenia so she looked out for other symptoms and here i am now. I can talk in a mosly linear fashion (usually i forget what im talking about midsentence though)

I have poverty of speech so not exactly what you describe, I feel like my thoughts are silenced or inaccessible. The few thoughts/conversation which gets through is skeletal and disorganized.

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Thanks @arrgghh. Do you have constant psychosis or is it episodic like mine? I got diagnosed as bipolar 1 but I’m pretty convinced I have schizoaffective too.
Disorganized thinking can be a symptom of s few different illnesses. Mine went away once when my mood improved which is why I think they think I’m bipolar, but I can’t get rid of the disorganized thinking this time.

I’ve had like 3 acute episodes but I have daily psychotic …thinking. idk how to describe it but there’s just more insight

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