Evolution of beauty


I remember from high school history class, that the Greeks were the first to create art that accurately portrayed the face and body.


I feel so sorry for ppl who get addicted to plastic surgery


Ha, ha… But in fact its sad, beautiful woman who transform themselves in to big lipped monsters only to live up to the aesthetics of mass media, pop culture. I once was with a woman with silicone breasts and it was so wrong and strange with these protruding abnormalities


Beauty is about simplicity
and balance and symmetry


Beauty is about love and freedom


I think plastic surgery is a good thing. I hope we get better at it and it becomes more available for everyone.

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Of course it’s good,
science is good,
but as everything else, it
has good and bad sides.
Exaggeration and excess
is a vice and not virtue.


Yes, it does. But there are a lot of people out there blaming plastic surgery for societal issues. People should be allowed to do what they want with their own bodies without being judged for it and without getting the blame for pretty unrelated problems. Like the objectification of women.

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Small boobs lives matter!


Concept of beauty changes through centuries.
That’s true.
But nowadays it’s exaggerated and cheap


I can’t speak for the beauty standards for women but I think beauty standards for men are getting more honest.

One of my guilty pleasures is looking at celebrity plastic surgeries every so often.

The internet is an extraordinary place, where one can easily find what a particular celebrity looked like several years ago vs. their current face and body.

…Honestly, some of the differences are astounding.

What irks me the most is when certain celebs flat-out deny having any work done, when it’s clearly obvious they have.

They’re doing a huge disservice to impressionable people by not coming clean about procedures, choosing instead to tell the public they achieved their look with makeup or a fitness regimen.

…I greatly dislike celebrities and liars.


This is a huge problem with steroids. So many people do steroids and people honestly believe they can get similar bodies with just hard work and discipline.

I don’t think steroids should be illegal but we should be honest about what is actually possible to achieve without them.


I remember watching porn with a celebrity in it in the past.

N it was kind of clear some work was done.

But they deny it.

It’s true, it makes people feel a little crap when they think this is normal wen actually wrk was done

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I must say it is great the work they do for hair treatment.

I am undergoing hair electrolysis with permanent results.

The level of gratitude I have for this is big.

Not exactly plastic surgery but similar direction.


Case in point:

Bella Hadid.

Here, we have a young woman from a relatively famous background. She is a top model at the moment, and has walked in fashion shows such as the Victoria’s Secret show— of which eponymous supermodels Heidi Klum and Giselle Bundchen are both alums.

Here is Ms. Hadid’s evolution:

She has yet to come clean about the copious amount of work her face has undergone.

In my opinion, her whole career is built solely upon public deception and plastic surgery trickery— funded largely in part by her very well-to-do parents.

…Clearly, I have a lot of time on my hands and feel very strongly about this :sweat_smile:.


She looks nothing like herself and she looks aged so much.

Like she’s my age when I’m sure she’s in her twenties.

I don’t pay too much attention to new celebrities so I’ve never seen this chick before.

Just my observation.

That said,

I’ve had plastic surgery and will likely have more as I age.

For someone who wears a lot of flannel,

I’m pretty vain.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I don’t know the woman, but i think she was more sexy in the “neighbors daughters” kind of way in 2011 than in 2018.