Everything is so predictable


It’s hard to believe this world isn’t made for me when I know the future.


No such thing as coincidence :slight_smile:


Everyone convincing me otherwise just wants me to be sedated again… I know the truth. Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up


I’m spawned in my own body


do you take your meds my friend?


Not this morning it makes me too sleepy I slept 14 hours !!! Meds is what they want me to take anyway


Everyone is spying on me I will attack them


Something is not right here


please don’t do something you will regret later.
you can try taking your medicine until your body will adjust to the new meds or change them
do you have somebody to talk with?


Yes you are not taking your medication
You need it


I just didn’t take it this morning… taking it every night still…

I have no one to talk to… crisis chats not open this early in the morning :,(

I will go to class if I can move and draw some more

I cannot think

It’s so frusterating

He tells me to attack
Kill kilL kill kill kill kill killl
That’s what’s in my brain
Spilling my brain
Because I act normal anywhere else
But my brain
Is so chaotic
I cannot


attack what?..


THE girl across from me she’s a SPY


Watching me. Part of them. They don’t like it when I’m alone because I think too much. They get scared I’m going to uncover them


It is a delusion, nobody cares about us.


What if it’s not … if it’s the truth… I can’t tell anymore …


I will just go downstairs to work on my art and be away from this creature


it makes no sense, what should they gain by spying you? People are too avaricious and selfish to waste time for that…


There is no other people I amfhe only one
She is spying
Because that’s what she’s programmed to do


programmed by whom?