Everything is so predictable


Them and the simulation


But I’ve gotten more intelligent lately so the sim is breaking


That’s why they send people to watch me


whats outside of the sim?


The real world wasteland . I am God of that world. They kidnapped me and put me here


Sometimes I fear the only way to escape this sim is death


Do you hear me I know the escape (to them! )


We communicate through this phone


please take your meds and revaluate what are you belifes


I will try 1515151


Went to art room. Saw knife. Thought about putting it in my head. Tried to slice hands. I am invincible. Gave to teacher. They brought me to office . Here now: there is fish tank. I will be here. They call mom to make me go home.


I think they think I fake everything


Can you predict something @doodle ?


Yes my uncle is jeffery dahmer 15151515151515


You said you know the future… Is something else more interesting to predict?


The only future that matters are my own so only thing I predict is stuff related to me


Everyone else ; doesn’t exist


But I’m a real person lol


I don’t know my head spins


You sound very ill at the moment, @doodle.

Go to Emergency and get yourself some professional care.