Everything is Fine

Psychiatrist says everything is fine. This can’t be what fine feels like. I don’t know what to do.

Smokes is doing her best to hold it together but she ended up fooling more than just herself.

I’m very sorry. Y’all are nice people and I don’t want you to worry but I just don’t know where else to vent.

Stay lovely, I’m gonna try to get this sorted out :heart::two_hearts:


Sometimes people have lapse in attention and miss what is being said.

Othertimes, they hear, they just continue on because “they know best”. They may not argue a point with you, but instead just do what they wanted to do.

(unable to change his mind with your statements)

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You should be 100% honest with your doctors !


This is the perfect place to vent. I’m sorry you don’t feel you’re being listened to.


I just got back from my apt with psychiatrist, and he said I looked fine, but I still feel a little unhinged from reality. I think he just wanted me out of his office. I mean I’m not seeing things right now, but my paranoia is always lurking up on me. I guess he thinks I’m fine for now. I hope you get to feeling better soon, Smokes. Everything will be ok. If you ever need support, just pm me. :hugs:


I know… you’re right… and if roles were reversed I would be saying exactly the same thing, for sure :confused:


I asked around and yeah, apparently this guy has a reputation for slapping ‘anxiety’ on people’s files and calling it a day. I do have other options, and I guess I’ll be exploring those now. I was just really hopeful that something positive would come of this appointment. I’m sorry that you had a similar experience, too :confused:

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Oh no… is there another psychiatrist you can go to? The one I go to is the closest I have, so I’m kinda stuck with him. I just really don’t like him tho.


At the time I got the referral I didn’t have a GP, so he was just a government psychiatrist. Like, not to knock our system of socialised medicine, but it could use some TLC in terms of more funding, I’m sure.

But I have a family doctor now, so I think maybe I’m going to coordinate between him and my psychologist? It’ll be a slower process but at least it’s something.


Four years of perphenazine made miserable.meds wise I have taken more than it should have. That moment of uncertainty about your life hopefully its just a passing through the damn aps ads.

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I’m cutting out caffeine, I think it’s been mucking with my sleep. I’ve been forcing myself to be social. Melatonin + white noise has helped me crash at night, great advice guys :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m feeling good today, been feeling better over the last couple days, but I know it’s only temporary. There is a feeling in my gut like something bad is going to happen. I’m debating cancelling my psychologist appointment. There just doesn’t feel like there’s any point. I know she’s not going to believe me either. I don’t know what I believe either, anymore.

I’m just really tired. I feel like I’m getting worse, quickly. I miss being positive and bubbly :frowning:

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