Every topic has 13 replies averagely


For every topic, there are 12-14 replies averagely.

I could not refrain from starting more and more topics. I do not think that is healthy.

  • I prefer starting a new thread
  • I prefer replying to threads.l
  • Sometimes I start new thread but most of the time I reply to threads

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I start new threads when I don’t see what I want posted…or if I’m having an episode and need some comforting or information or both…


When I was just pulling out of my head I posted a lot. When I was trying to figure this Sz head circus out I posted a lot.

but these days I hit these negative patches and just go blank when I think I’m going to post.

It’s easier for me to reply to a thread.

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I try not to post too much because I feel I’m repeating myself and people are getting annoyed with me. I don’t know if this is true but the voices are telling me I’m being annoying and so I quiet myself…but still need help from time to time a lot of times the same situation, others not.

Most of the time I can pretty much talk myself out of the panic attack but others when I can’t I come on here because the attacks happen at night when my parents are sleeping. With my mom retiring this month though I’ll be able to get her help more frequently.

I pretty much stick to just replying.

There have been several times that I’ve wanted to start a thread, but then don’t because of some dumb reason. Like, people will think it’s dumb and pointless or, kind of ironically, they’ll think I’m crazy for what I have to say. Sometimes I want to ask things but am worried how people will respond based on how they’ve responded to me or others on similar subjects previously.

Topics have an average of 13.

Except for the topic stating that topics have 13.

What shall we do about it? How can it be fixed?