Who thinks I post on the same topics to much?

Do I post on the same topics to much?

Well this is a new one fo sho :wink:


Lol… made me smile :sweat_smile::joy:


Happy to help then :rofl:

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Yes you do.


I personally am a fan of posting on similar topics every now and then but it is frowned upon here.

I notice you do the same.

I personally don’t have a problem with it.

But I’m not the entire forum.

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If I remember correctly you told me I can just quit antipsychotics now that I’m stable lol. Great advice with no taper etc. Not very nice.
But yeah I have asked the same questions quite a lot.

We have a number of poster that are obsessed with the same topics and post them over and over again. The mods tend to discourage asking the same questions over and over again because they consider it like spam.

I’ve realised that now…. It’s only natural to be obsessed with getting better when you first get ill.


It has been 5 years for me. I’m still obsessed with recovery.

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I was using it to gather as much information relating to my position as possible though.

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Mine will be two years next February…. Feels like it’s not so long before that I was normal. I just wish I could go back.

You can post whatever you want as long as it’s within community guidelines.

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Watching the same thread topic die over and over again is not pleasant viewing experience

No one is bothered what you post, but spamming the forum is against the rules.

Just like saying anything about Trump or Jesus

Yes, you do. Your focus is evidently on whether you can go off medication and not relapse, which is impossible for anyone to predict. There are some forum users who have a single thread which they use to voice their current concerns, which might work for you quite well and would be less spammy. It’s a suggestion I’ve made a couple of times now. I can relate to some of your issues since I am currently on 2.5mg olanzapine only and have no idea whether I will become psychotic. I am not interested in asking anyone to predict what will happen, since that is no doubt an exercise in futility. I get that not being like you used to be is frustrating and scary- I encounter that too - but you need to reach a point where you accept the uncertainty (which I have said before too). I’m not sure that anyone here can help you with your current concerns and it might be an idea to talk to your doctor. Take care.

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Some of my threads had over a hundred reply’s from a wide range of people who are not regular posters. This forum shouldn’t be about the select few but all members.

I found many people in the same position as me. I still have hope unlike many.

That being said I take your point.

How is the hunger strike and refusal of medication going for you?

You have said it before and since the last time you said it I haven’t asked any of those questions have I?

Your advice has been taken on board.

Also I understand the unpredictability of what I have asked, but I have also gained a lot of information from a wide variety of people’s experiences.

Also it’s by asking these questions that I’ve been able to reduce from 10mg to 5mg in a couple of months rather then just staying on the same dose.

So these questions have improved my quality of life and long term health. Even if they have annoyed some it was worth it.
Also I’m really happy for you being on 2.5 mg Olanzapine… if I remember correctly you have only had one episode? So hopefully you will be okay.

Fingers crossed I’ll be okay but who knows. I’m glad you have found some answers, but at the end of the day this forum can’t replace your doctors. My doctor doesn’t think I have schizophrenia so that was why he has been so willing to reduce my dose. Time will tell as to whether that was the correct assessment since I’m pretty incapacitated right now.

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I’m completely functional at the moment, negative symptoms have gone since I increased sertraline. But have had two episodes so quite likely I do have a long term problem.

Also I don’t believe in blindly following your doctors advice without researching yourself. Which I have done. If I hadn’t done that I would be less functional and on 10mg Olanzapine as I reduced against their advice.

So overall my questions have benefited me and so I don’t care if they have upset a few.

That being said I know what I know now and am finished with them.

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