Ever feel like your in the Trunman Show?

Do you ever feel like your in the movie The Truman Show? I often feel like ive been tricked since i was a child into beleiving whatever it is that most people seem to accept and not question. Espically in a era where we dont have to fear people are watching but know that in some cases maybe in all cases that someone is really watching such as the government. I often feel like whats the point in doing something or why do people do what they do. They must not have any feelings of doubt in their lives or maybe they prefer to wander like cattle off to the slaughter doing what their “supposed” to. What are we supposed to do ? The american dream of years ago is dead and times are changing rappidly. Are we getting smarter or is someone, someone big in control and introducing new variables into the mix. Are sceintist really inventing all this crap and have we really only been around for 2k years or so? How do i know im even on earth. Most people would say that its obviously we are on earth but is there any fact? We beleive what where told because it makes us comfortable and makes sense. How do you know where not in some simulation like the matrix or total recall. Ive heard of social experiments where families raise children in a pioneer setting and the kids grow up beleivng they are actually in pioneer times. Then one day they find a whole new world is out there and waiting and im not talking about the amish. Im not so convinced that earth is one large global scale social experiment. Who knows what is out there. I know when i was sick i was receiving messages from “God” and “Aliens.” Am i sick or where they really talking to me. Anyway thats not normal so medication numbs the connection. Is just a way to control the masses make those who are “awake” like the rest of the cattle. Do they want people to think outside of the box?

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A good friend of mine believes that the universe exists inside a lightbulb and that the year outside the lightbulb is perpetually 1816. I asked him once what a lightbulb was doing in the year 1816 and he just kind of looked at me weird.

Whatever the grand truth is I am certain it is fantastical and strange but none of us will ever truly know the truth, not in this life anyway, if there is more after this life that is. Some people will claim to know the truth behind the great mystery that is this universe and the beyond. I am fairly certain however that it is unknowable. Unfathomable. A mystery.

I used to see a psychologist ages ago who used to say that for all he knew he could be propped up in a wheel chair drooling in the back ward of some mental institution dreaming up this life of a doctor of psychology with a family, vacation home and two masted sailboat. He’d say that this probably wasn’t the case but he couldn’t prove that it wasn’t until the day he awoke in the back ward of some mental institution.

Anythings possible, some things just more probable than others. I just don’t think much about it.


i used to think that there were cameras everywhere in my house. i even broke the bathroom mirror looking for one. obviously there were none there.

you know some of the greatest minds in physics think that we’re living in a holographic simulation.

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I had a delusion I called the Truman Show delusion. It is exactly what it sounds like.

My mind was obsessing the other day about something like this. Maybe UFO’s, whatever they are, are able to do what they do…breaking what we know as laws of physics…because reality isn’t as real as we think it is. I was thinking maybe it’s more like a simulation or matrix, allowing them to do whatever they want, kinda like the ghosts in the matrix movie.

Anyway, yes, I feel like I’m in something like The Truman Show and people aren’t telling me. I feel like I am being recorded and monitored for others to see. I feel like people know everything I do…I’m just not sure how. It sucks.

When i got “sick” i questioned everything. I admit that i was out of control going on “missions” and receiving messages but after being stableized repressed much of the information. I had many religious delusions and did things of a religious nature and remebering some of the things i had done put me in a state of great shame and guilt. I later found forgiveness and shut the door on my memories of psychosis. I hid in the bottle for many years but the combination of putting it down and switching medications for things became more clear. Trying to improve my self image and life in general i opened those memories again and now even with the medication am starting to wonder again. Im starting to think for myself, wander about things, and want to learn. I cant imagine what id be experiencing without the meds but i do know that the seed of doubt was placed in my mind as young child. This may be the case for alot of us. The mere story of Santa Claus and the lengths people go to glorify and make children beleive in something so real to later just tell them hes not plants a seed of doubt whether we realize it or not. What we do with that doubt is unknown. I knew i beleived in Santa with all my heart, why would my parents lie to me. But we dont stay angry when we find out hes not real, maybe we supress the whole experience or look forward to sharing the joy Santa brought us to our own children but either way i realized i was lied too. This opens my question what else has been a lie? Is it possible that everything is one big lie? Maybe the lie started long ago and people just forgot and we live now the way we are. Maybe some of us (the mentally ill) are waking up and realizing this . Questioning lies. Heaven forbid where not normal we need medication maybe where just awake. Dose some group of scientist or superior race have us in some zoo called earth. Could they be waiting for some us to question everything and actually do something about it ? Would they be prepared for something like that?

It’s got to be a great big ugly experiment. I think I didn’t survive one of my suicide attempts and really died. Then after me on earth was buried, no one knew I was secretly revived and sent to a parallel word where my environment is really nothing more than a hologram as well as the people I know. Monitored 24/7 and nothing is sacred. What ever I do during the day, The next day is undone. If I touch a box of stuff and sort it, clean it and organize it, the next day it is back to day 1 mess. I broke a fluorescent inc pen late one night and spent a good half hour cleaning it off the walls, desk, floor, computer. I used a black light to make sure it was clean, and after a week, I went to my desk and found that same ink(I only had one) all over as if I never cleaned.
can’t figure out what it’s all about, but one time I told my pdoc that I saw 2men in my microwave reflection on our back porch, one holding a proffessional video camera, and the other holding a boom mic. I asked her if it was the psych dept following me around, and she didn’t deny she knew about it, only stating that the hospital didn’t have that kind of money to do that. She wouldn’t answer who did though.

Do they want people to think outside of the box?

Ive had this experience, where I thought everyone was actors.

I feel like I’m being watched by some higher beings or human with special abilities, they even visit at night - in person, scary. It’s like they have put me here on earth (or in this world), like some sort of experiment, sometimes I definitely doesn’t feel human or real. I guess it’s kind of like the Truman Show.

Yes oh yes. Ive felt like that for years its strange and i read online that some dr actually called it something like the truman show disorder ( @mortimermouse ) and one dude went to europe to see if it exists. But of course in my mind its the whole planet thats the prison or “set”. Other than people having special powers or being psychic its my only way of explaining how people constantly know what im doing even when im alone.
Im glad this is being disucssed but my question is outside of meds what on earth do you guys do to cope with this? cuz its an intense feeling and can sometimes warp into episodes of paranoia and fear and anxiety, well u know the drill. I could sit and talk for pages about all my experiences but outside of it existing we are in a hologram or in a dream in a coma idk i just want to be able to handle it.

How I handled the Truman Show delusion…I got drunk. If not drunk (yet) I would play video games because no one wants to watch me play video games, that would kill the show, that and I watched hundreds of movies I downloaded. I basically gave into the delusion, thought whenever I went out in public, everyone knew me and I was famous/infamous. I didnt like it, I wanted to know why I was being watched and would get angry and ask my family why I was being watched, and I was serious. I also smoked a ton of cigarettes, like a pack a day sometimes more. I also went to the gym and school, which was the hardest part of life, as I hallucinated everyone talking about me and I felt like I had to scare them by lifting really heavy weights and doing extreme things in the gym.

It’s actually a common delusion, its on wikipedia and informally called Truman’s Syndrome.

If you ask me it is maybe even worse than having evil voices, which I also had.

It’s a real thing. Only 40 recorded cases, guess they left mine out, LOL

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haha they left mine out too!!!

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I feel like Mathew Broderick in “The Cable Guy”.

Sadly, none of us are probably important enough, powerful enough, notorious enough, dangerous enough, rich enough or in the possession of anything of such great power and value that governments would waste their time and money spying on us specifically.

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