Etizolam 1515

Anyone has experience with this med? I saw it on Powder City.

i was going to try it but didnt want to risk blacking out or getting a tainted batch or raided because i was unsure as its an RC, its a benzo well not exactly but very similar in structure and a decently strong one as well, i read somewhere it has an anxiolytic action 6 times of that of valium, its really basically like any other benzo tho with an equivalent dose i talked to some people on a forum went it was really new a few years ago but i had never taken a benzo until this year, its not really worth it if u can get prescribed benzos because they arent too different its really good for sleep and anxiety tho according to the people i talked to

i also saw it can help with sz hallucinations, but if u get it in powder form u need a super accurate scale to dose it because its super easy to overestimate by eye and u can blackout easily if u take a high dose, so tablets are optimal

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Powder city is selling 1mg tablets. I would never do powder, I’m scared to ODx as well.

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i looked on there, the lowest amount u can get is 100 1 mg for $75, thats alot to spend they used to have sites where u can buy a sample pack for like $10, all in all tho etizolam is basically another benzo but a little different, if u need one tho getting benzos prescribed by doctors is probably best because you can be 100% sure of what it is and you can ask them questions about it without them thinking you are a drug abuser, i wouldnt ask For them tho i never asked my doc for them they just said it might help me which it is , are u on one or have ever been on a benzo med? i take clonazepam but i try to take it as least often as possible because if u ever get dependent ive heard the withdrawal is the worst thing ever

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I have a lot of clonazepam pills at my disposal. I’m just really fascinated by benzos and how many different chemical classes there are.

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never hear of it might look it up tho

It’s a thienodiazepine @anon74776424.

I just wonder how it differs from benzodiazepines and its effects, beside sedation.