Eternal oblivion, or an afterlife?

I dont belive humans got a soul. When people become severely demented they are already “gone”, I think most people think that their “personality” is they’re soul.But its not the same. Souls are fantasy.

I used to belive in god, and it was horrible. Basically believing in an omnipotent god is paranoid schizophrenia if you belive he listens in to your thoughts to judge you, either for heaven or hell.

Im so glad I dont belive in god anymore, because he was really mean. I would belive in him, and saw signs everywhere that he listened in on my thoughts, but even worse, I believed he listened into the thoughts that Satan implanted in me, and mistook them for mine. This god would be a terrible god to spend an eternity with. So Im glad I no longer belive.

I sort of have a lot of magical thinking so I haven’t gone totally atheist, but that would be nice. No Christ, No cross, no pain no loss. IMO

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Your over thinking things, are you on meds?

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yes, I am. And Im way better :slight_smile:

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