"environmental influences in early adulthood may not be as important as originally thought"

It’s not a new study (2015) but i think that it’s really interesting. According to the study “the prenatal period, not early adulthood, is when environmental influences cause brain changes involving DNA methylation that are associated with a greater risk of schizophrenia”.

What do you think about?



The Cause of Sz represented as a free strange pulse that object to the electrochemical pulses that arisen from transmitter cell to the recipient cell,changing the natural pathway and modifying the cognitive content, this is the basic manifestation of the sz disorder
The strange pulse is independent and self motor

The objection and modification are happening outside the genetic system control,against the self will and the immunity system means,and even against the effect of all chemical drugs

The human gene does not producing the SZ strange pulse and is not responsible about pulse behavior or its effectiveness on the higher knowledge processes ,therefore the environmental influences in any age unable to causing brain changes to develop the Sz strange pulse

There is a something different about the human gene ,synthesis the strange pulse which attacks each electrochemical pulse arisen from the brain by the genetic functions
All of this means that,the Sz strange pulse causing brain changes and cognitive simultaneously !

I wish they at least knew what causes it…

studies that support this theory?

You are reading the basic reality of the schizophrenia itself ,the higher truth that stay without change in its content,the data that can be explain:
1-the hidden nature of mental/ cognitive and emotional processes that has been occurred in the psychiatric level which concord/antecedence the chemical imbalance state

2- the actual cause of biochemical imbalance,structure,function,mode of effect ,when,where and mechanism steps of its occurrence ,the results
3-The important point,explain both mental and biochemical imbalance by single Causality Relationship,which is means explain all types of change/disorder in the pathway of thought,sense,emotion,motion,behavior responses and biochemical imbalance through single causality relation
4- Characteristics of Single cause be enough to explain all schizophrenia symptoms whatever they are !
-Single cause has bilateral effect on the mental chemical pathway and the cognitive content in the same time,causing 2 different results in the same time ( chemical imbalance+ cognitive change)

  • this explain,why medication that be used to treatment the chemical imbalance have no effect on the cognitive change pathway ,and the psychiatric treatment have no effect on the chemical imbalance
    -in general,the current treatment have no direct effect on the sz cause itself to block both of chemical imbalance and cognitive changes,because it is depend on treat one of the mental symptom or/chemical imbalance ,whereas both are the secondary symptoms ( result of effect )
  • notice that,the improvement can be occur in the chemical side after medical intervention (2-4 week or more),and the person can stop med forever,but that does not stop the cognitive changes at all,because the cause remain exists and synthesis the cognitive changes without stop

-you must understand there is bilateral effect on the chemical pathway and cognitive concept in the same Time ,which is means there is no bad gene arise abnormal chemical substance which translated into cognitive changes -as be said by all theories ,the proof of that can be seen after 2-4week when restoration the chemical imbalance by medical treatment without no effect on the cognitive changes at all (i.e chemical imbalance is not the cause of cognitive changes !)

The nature of change that occurs in the religious belief concept while the person takes medication can not be classify as an Inherited Deficits Cognition
all unexpected changes in the cognitions side has occur with intensity during the period time of first early medical intervention ,

  • the bad side effect of med in this stage is to fixation the material of cognitive changes in the personal thoughts
    the effect of drug makes the person feels rest,relief,relaxation,recuperation and happy internally,and this emotional conditions are not suitable conditions to the mental functions which they are responsible for objection the changes that occur in the personal thoughts concepts

Therefore,the cognitive change will be occur in the basic personal thoughts concepts without self resistance,whereas the mind of person has acts as an observer ,just he monitor the false changes that occur in the basic thoughts while he feels rest - not attentive because the current emotional state is not suitable to reject the changes

To be narcotized ,you can not block serious changes in the personal religious belief concept,

The important questions:
during the moment of first early rebirth of sz in the private psychological world;
1- is the acquired cognition texture be changed partially/wholly before the occurrence of Sz ?
2- Is the personal cognition data be changing while they were restored in the memory cells?
3- When the beginning of cognition changes be embodied during the course of Sz ?