Environmental factors attributing to schizophrenia

I know that some environmental things are supposed to contribute to schizophrenia. I have lots of memories of being picked on by my brothers. And my dad drinking and arguing with my mom at the dinner table. I wasnt a very happy child. My mom said i used to walk into a room and just stand there than walk out. I think i always had anxiety. I was afraid to be myself. Im weird.

I was allowed to be weird when i had my own place and worked as a line cook. I had never felt so free. Now im back home and im afraid to be myself around my dad.


I think I had it from before I was born as it runs in my dad’s family. But it was triggered by life stresses.

I don’t know how the scientific community as a whole defines it, but my psych nurse firmly believes my trauma history from being molested starting at age 2 directly contributed to my developing my sza (and obviously my DID).

My father was very abusive to me, but glorified my sister, which Denise believes is another factor. He never hurt her, only me. I was born first.

Oh, and both my parents tend toward bipolar, though neither has been professionally diagnosed.

I blame being forced to watch neurotypical comedy. It’s traumetizing.

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I heard photon rays from trees can cause SZ. The only remedy is to buy @thepoets miracle vitamins and minerals, on sale now for only $49.99.

Is this an advertisement? Lol. Well i lived next to a patch of woods growing up. Mostly pines though. I feel like if that were true a lot more people would have sz

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I got ill with sz the first time after exams and leaving school

When I relapsed I’d left home and gotten married

So stress. Both times i got it i was injured. First time i went into paychosis i had really bad knees. The second time my hands were messed up. I had also started smoking a lot of pot to deal with the pain

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