Entertiained and distracted by all the whispering and voices

I reminded one of my therapist’s of the Reader’s Digest thing you mention and made it a major theme of my therapy with her You have to remember to not laugh too hard, too long and too loudly

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Or too maniacally atleast not without good cause right?


I know not to laugh at my own thoughts. I try to make it look like I’m laughing at something outside myself, like another person.

Good advice martinhersey1. Sometimes a funny memory crosses my mind. People sure do give funny looks when you laugh without anyone speaking to you. I must still have a brief stupid grin from time to time when I suppress one of those laughs. Luckily neither things occur that often anymore.

and when someone cries in public most people pretend they haven’t seen and keep on walking

Temper tantrums draw stares on the other hand. Hope that goes away with my therapy in regards to anxiety and panic attacks though. As for the maniacal laughing my therapist also just told me today im still letting the constructive thoughts through but its time to determine whats constructive and whats just a weed of extra processing. Whether its a good or bad weed like a dandelion it just needs to be picked to go with the social norm. Rather than feed it and grind it into coffee for a caffiene does. A clever metaphor I do think.

Oh, f**k. That stuff does it to me every time. I know when I have the flu and have to take anything with dextromethorphan or diphenhydramine in it that I’m gonna get screwy for a while. (P-doc and I were jawing about this yesterday, in fact.)

Mom gave me Benadryl diphen… by the hour when I was little. Ya think there’s any mystery to the etiology of my bipolar? Duh. (But she didn’t know any better. No one did back then.)

So my doc finally put me on a low dose safety net of benzodiazepines. Lorazepams should help with half my social problems

This video helped me:

breath deep my friend and i hope you find some peace,

i hear you, i think a lot of people with sz has heard what they call ‘voices’ at some point, tbh i dont like calling them voices, i call them thoughts or obtrusive thoughts and these are the ones which we need to try to ignore and block out with meds, i have had voices or thoughts like that before and it is really hard bc they are hard to control and its hard to think and function when these obtrusive thoughts are in my head so meds really help,

i think i am lucky bc my spirit is my guide which guides me through life and all the rights and wrongs and decisions that i make and i am lucky that it is a good thing for me but if i wasnt medicated i think it might get a bit out of control and i would start getting obtrusive thoughts again about God and things.

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I’m like that too. I think of things that I want to Google, and then, I can’t remember what it was I wanted to look up a minute later.
I’ve already forgotten what this thread was about…oh yes, my concentration is pretty good, I can read. But, I listen to classical music all the time now because when I listen to lyrics, I get delusional about the lyrics.