Enlarged breasts from risperdone

I got an increase in prolactin I got a blood test next week I get fluid leaking from nipples they look a bit Perkier and I can’t produce sperm get painful erections too I’m lowering the dose slowly and getting on a new med but will my tits go back to normal? The doctors say it’s reversible if it isn’t I’m gonna try sue em I’m in to lifting so with breasts just ■■■■■ up my physique and I will kill myself

Read about the class action law suites…

I’m not sure if your pdoc acted negligently, but I refused it on the basis you can lactate as a man.

I had erect niples recently so had my gp check me out and I came back fine, although breast enlargement can happen on zyprexa too.

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I guess you have to take the best of a bad bunch.

Some of the newer meds are quite good, but I can’t tolerate abilify!

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Seriously, eduvigis, you’ve been warned multiple times, you’re not an expert on medications, stop telling people to change/quit medications.


So you just squeezed “quit” in there to make it sound like a more serious offense I guess. You live in a world of black and white no grey, either everyone is absolutely right or everyone is absolutely wrong.

You’ve been suspended twice for telling people to quit their medication.

You don’t know me, don’t assume things about me.

I just woke up and I’m not in the mood. ´

You have issues following the rules here, go break the rules somewhere else.

So are you med free?

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Risperidone and haldol are both in the do not use column on my DNA test, I won’t use them again, boobs or no boobs.

Maybe that’s why you keep on going back!

I’d hate to keep on going back to ground zero…

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I’m considering doing the DNA test at some point in the future.

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You have options about the antipsychotics you have to take. Maybe you can find one that doesn’t do this to you.

Yeah I took risperdone and it did it to me but I can’t do anything about it so ■■■■ it.

Risperidone at low doses is usually best.
This way you avoid a lot of the unwanted side effects.

Honestly, Risperdal is an Antipsychotic that I can basically tolerate at low doses.

It’s generally effective for me and keeps things even keeled for me at 2.5mg or lower.

If I go higher than 2.5mg then Risperdal becomes destabilizing.

Right now I am on 1mg

Both haldol and risperidone showed up as do not take on my DNA test.

Here they’d put you on a community treatment Order!

Not taking your meds, around the wrong people, drinking booze or out too late bang and your back in hospital…

Don t worry @Supermanslice gynecomastie is reversible side effect.when your prolactine level decrease your boobs getting normal.i got surgery but i used to have gynecomastie problem before medicine.

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