Enlarged breasts from risperdone

I just saw one of those law commercials saying the manufacturers of Risperidone apparently underreported how often it causes breast formation in men…people are making lawsuits. Not good.

I’m a girl but I had to go off Risperidone because it raised my prolactin to levels high enough to where I was lactating, which is dangerous and could lead to breast cancer if I remained on it.

They really need to work on improving it. And every other AP too.

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Risperidone works well at lower doses if my pdoc had me on 1mg to start I’d of not had harsh reactions

Painful erection is due to blood flow lowering I’ve got issues still myself but at least I’m not delusional now risperidone is one of the better AP also Haldol tablets ain’t to bad in low doses

You might eventually have to get surgery to correct this, one of the hazards of taking this med.