Emptiness, void, just...sadness

I feel so much void inside. I just feel absolutely empty.

After going back on olanzapine, I’ve started to overeat and have increasing appetite. I wasn’t worrying about it as my weight dropped significantly, but now I’m obsessing over my new weight.

I don’t know why I’m so sensitive about my new weight, which is 49kg (108lbs). I’m 5’3’’.

I’m thinking of going on intermittent fasting to lower my weight to 106lbs. I seriously don’t want to start purging as I used to do in my early psychosis years. It was mainly the voices commanding me to purge to punish myself.

Should I change the meds to prevent me from overeating?

I just feel so much void for some reason. I feel absolutely empty and I don’t want to do anything.

My life is a mess.

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Are you really that overweight, @laetitia? From what you describe, it doesn’t sound that bad (your weight I mean). As for a void, I can commiserate with you as I’m going through hell myself.

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