Employment problem

Last year I was a Senior Insight Analyst, and I was driven to the point of overdose due to stress

This year I am a self-employed Landscaper, and I am being driven to the point of taking my life

Now I have been made an offer of employment back in data

Is it time to try it again at a new company, or do I kill myself as a Landscaper?

Really the employment specialist should be helping me sort this out, but like every support here in England, it has a timer on it and that ran out this month

Now I am alone in this decision making process that’s quite pivotal

I am deeply unhappy.

Have even considered not working at all, as it is making me ill to the point of breaking down

To be honest, my main problem is I put myself under too much pressure, but I do not know how to stop doing this…


if you thinking about suicide now then i’d go for a change for sure… if you feel that bad then there is no point in pushing on with that…

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I like the Landscaping as a job better, it’s just dealing with the general public is proving to be very hard for me to cope with

At least in a professional setting there are rules to how to behave


I did the same thing working in data analysis. Til I just up and quit and continued using into psychosis.

If your job is making you rather die, I say find something else. Even for the interim, till you find something more suitable for you. Nothing is worth feeling so low, especially a job.


Is there any way you can minimize your involvement with the public? I get you on that, I hated retail because of it

If not maybe a completely new path is in the cards. Then again it might be stressful to start over yet again. Its tough but its your call in the end man, you know yourself best


Can you get a different job other than data or landscaping. Maybe something else would be better?


Can you hire someone to help or do the dealings with the public since that seems to be the main issue and not the work itself? IDK. Just brainstorming.


Not at all, the buck stops with me when it comes to negotiations with customers and troublesome neighbours

Starting from scratch would be good, with a new challenge would be hard to find as there are too many people out there over-qualified for everything going

Not possible as I am self-employed

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Is it possible to pay someone to handle the people portion while you handle the landscaping portion? I had my wife handle clients when I ran my photo studio and I did the photo part. We both shared in the income, obviously.

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my parents are semi-retired, and I have asked them to take on this burden, but they’re not interested

The operation is not large enough to employ anyone

I have a subcontractor working with me, but he’s not even capable of managing his own life affairs - as he is constantly asking for advances on wages etc

İ think you are really talented lanscaper but if you feel suicidal best think to consult with your doctor because this feeling should not supposed to be related the field that you are currently working.otherwise all landscapers should feel the same way.good luck on your wishes :crossed_fingers::sunrise_over_mountains:

I think it is mostly about stress, one way or another.

You’re from the UK right or am I confusing you with someone else?

Check out

I found my job on indeed, you can post your resume and make it public so employers can browse potential employees. I found my new job on indeed. I had no relevant experience but I made a good impression on the phone interview. They told me they only hired about 20-30 people and had over 300 applicants so anything is possible. I took the job because it is easy.

There are a lot of sh*tty jobs posted but every once in a while there is a real gem. I got ignored and rejected from quite a few employers but that is normal.

Just something to think about.

I tried this and he won’t sedate me any further

He wants me to try and do more social interventions, but I refused

I have spent months trawling it and only applying to ones I actually want to do

Some success, but nothing has come of it

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İ don t know.i really like your works.these landscapes really proffesional but if you are understress maybe its better to give a break.good luck.

We’re in the peak summer season at the moment - might be why I am so stressed

I could take the winter off

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Personally I would imagine landscaping much lower stress. Especially if you can dictate when and what you are working on.
Maybe the problem is negotiating a contract before hand so that you have something to fall back on when people ask for more or try and mess around with you?
Or is there any way you could change the line of communication? I feel like you need to set the rates, and if people don’t accept them you just deny them the work. You have to be firm.

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Maybe you already know this, but I know that if you send someone an email with your terms and conditions, and request that the write back saying “I accept” that will count as a legal document if you wanted to take someone to court. Etc. I feel like knowing some kind of lawyer might help you secure your jobs and stuff.

We are dealing with national shortages of materials, which is delaying things massively

Neighbours are being absolute pains in the ass and giving me all sorts of grief

I am worried that if I muck around my subcontractor too much taking time off, he’ll go elsewhere

Have had a customer refuse to pay unless I did extra for him, but now I have t’s & c’s

Payment of a deposit means they accept the terms