Should I go back to Landscaping?

I am currently a data analyst, but the job has become too much for me recently, and I plan to quit tomorrow.

I was a landscaper for 8 years before, and I had my own van and was self employed.

The problem is the income is not secure, and I have to fight other people for work and may not earn enough to cover my bills.

I was quite good at it. Here is a photo of some of my previous work:



Nice work!
I think you should give it another shot!

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I am not sure how to go about it though.

I have to give three months notice where I work, so that gives me time to find work. The only problem is the winter is coming, and there is less work then.

It’s a hard choice!

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I think you should keep your current job. It sounds more secure. Landscaping also sounds physically demanding. It’s a young person job.

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At least you are not doing data entry, that is one of the most boring jobs on the planet. I say go for it.

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I have spoken to my family and I am going to give it a go!


Just make sure you have enough money to support yourself when looking for a new job, and maybe apply for benefits, just in case it takes you longer than you were expecting.

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Are you going to work for a company you know or start your own business?
Landscaping is really hard on your body be careful.

I should be ok. I am going to do some contracting whilst I get started

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I will start my own business. I did it for 8 years before

Good wishes to you being your own boss sounds great.

I am still worried, I need to make this decision by tomorrow

Why are you putting such deadlines on yourself like that, @Joker?

If I don’t do something I am going to implode. I cannot take it anymore and need to change something to try and make things better.

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