Emotional stresses at work

there are people in my environment at work trying to run me down emotionally. they harrass and badger me with their anger and even hatred. i need to work only i am afraid that this environment will make me ill.



Well, congratulations on lasting as long as you have Judy. You’ve been employed for awhile and that’s impressive.
I don’t know what to say about those hateful people. Maybe it would help if you made friends with someone there who is nice. It’s good to have an ally in the workplace. I don’t know what else to say, you can’t change those people but maybe you can fight back and maybe they’ll leave you alone. It might make things worse though. Yeah, I know it sucks to get mistreated by co workers, I run into that problem too. Good luck.


I got an offer at a software company. I got lot of butterflies in my stomach. I used to feel like the same for not performing upto the level of normies. So feel might get criticised for being slow or unusual. Also, feel like a huge burden to people. I get into a negative feedback loop that runs for eternity. Though i try to fight back. There is something that keeps me away from reality. Changing lifestyle and trying to adapt might help. All the best for your smooth sailing at work.


Good luck to you all. I hope it works out, everyone working.

Im panicking because i havr a masters I’ll start in september but im hoping it will be okay