Uncomfortable at work

hi. sometimes it seems like people there are purposely hurting my feelings, but in a big way.

i come home from work so exhausted.

my super and i discussed it and i might get some help with it. i feel so relieved. after all these years of suffering.

have they no shame? hurting a person with sz of all things? and cancer?



I used to get badly affected by people I once worked with, so can sympathise.

In the end I had to seek alternative employment.

Hope you can work through this

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thanks fade to black. i cannot get another job no fault of my own. too much to describe and explain here of what happened to me in this community.

i already decided i don’t want to ever retire.


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In your previous work environment were you around your other working staff all the time?

I find i do ok for brief periods around people in an office setting 1-2 hours. 3 or more i get pretty toasted having to talk and put on a good face.

Atleast my new job I’m out and about a lot never in one place for too long. Just some meetings to deal with once a week.

@ifeelblessed hope you find more comfort at work.
It’s tough for us to deal with working environments

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Yep it was super stressful as I was in an office most of the time. Plus the commute was an hour each way!

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:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: I’m sorry to hear this may God give you the strength to carry on. Try doing some reading it will strengthen you and fill your heart with love