Emergency Global Phone Numbers

If you need to talk to someone…



@Dreamscape2 posted this last year. Thought I’d post it again.

We have forum members from all over the World.

Perhaps @SzAdmin or one of the Moderators could make this a ‘Sticky’ at the top of the Home Page?

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I really feel this is important, and needs to be at the top of the Home Page for anyone who visits our forum and is distress.

Do they send the cops to your house if you call?
I’ve been told that some hotlines do that which has convinced me not to call

I think alot countries have their own hotlines. In the US we have crisis. I think it’s easier for some people to call their own local hotlines but having an international hotline is a nice recommendation.

MG – I think they only send the cops over if they feel you’re an imminent threat to yourself.

I’ve called the veterans crisis line before and they told me their goal is to do that as little as possible. Not sure how it works for the regular suicide crisis line though.

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Thanks @Chrishasheart. I’m the type of guy that once I get going I can’t stop myself so I’m afraid to call one of these hotlines. I have had the police respond to my home once or twice in the past and it was very traumatic. I live in a small town too where I know the cops from high school. Very embarrassing

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You welcome MG. I can understand. Here in my city, it’s mandatory for the cops to show up. The plus side of this is that they’re trained to respond to mental health crisis. So they’re often nice, and respectful. And I feel fairly protected if they take me to the hospital.

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Once my therapist gave me the phone number to the local Crisis Hotline.
I called it once and some guy said that I reached the local Hospital Psych Services Emergency room.
That turned me off.


It’s just wild to think that we have this illness that makes us frequent flyers with the hospital system.
It’s just bad brain chemistry but boy does it make life difficult.

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