Electronics and weird dreams

I do believe i’ve found the reason for my otherworldly dreams and it’s electronic devices. They are messing with my brain waves and i’m going to try to put them into a different room to see if my thought experiment is right. The one hard electronic device, my tv, will be the most difficult to move, but i’ve got to try something, because these dreams are really heavy and I need relief!


Hi welcome! I don’t think it’s true. Do you have a psychiatrist to talk with or are you on any meds?

Yes-I have a psych doc and am on Invega Trinza, Resperidone, Depakote and Trazadone. My dreams go through many stages. At times it’s tranquil and then nosedives into full blown nightmares. They’re always strange dreams and they make me not want to go to sleep. Thanks for replying.

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Since I quit pot and started antipsychotics I’ve had the worst dreams. So vivid. Not bad dreams or nightmares, just so real I wake myself up. Havent slept for more than 2 hours in a row for a month now.

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I haven’t looked into all of your meds yet but it may be trazodone causing your weird dreams.

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I’m on Invega pills and I have nightmares and weird dreams sometimes

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Googling “depakote dreams” turned up some results as well. It looks to me like it could be your medication causing the weird dreams.

I take the Invega shots. It’s all very confusing and I bring it up with my psych doc but she doesn’t say if it’s the meds or not, so i’m trying to think of things it could be and i’m just so confused.

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I’ll check out the link you provided. Thanks

I wake up every hour or so…so I know what you’re going thru.

I know EXACTLY what you mean with the heaviness of the dreams. I experience these every single night multiple times. It’s draining when I wake up and have to deal with the voices, auditory noises/hallucinations, and body manipulation.

Yes- it’s so draining having to deal with it.

The sad thing is that since getting SZ I can actually hear voices in my head during half of my dreams.

Can’t even get away from it in my sleep.

As a child when i’d lay down to rest, that’s when the voices would start yelling at me. My voices have always been female ones, as if a coven of witches had hexed me.

Trazadone doesn’t work? Idk ask your pdoc something else. I take lorazepam for sleep when needed

its scientifically proven that anxiety can cause asthma. Lately i had very strange dreams which caused anxiety and i woke up short of breath. The other morning i had to call an ambulance to get medical treatment. My imagination goes wild sometimes and i feel very insecure. The universe is a big place full of mysteries.

I turn off my phone and wifi hotspot before bedtime. At times I’ve tightly wrapped them both in double layers of tinfoil and taped them up. It worked. If nothing else it’s taking action to remedy my situation. Psychological, technological, or psychospiritual…who cares? It worked for me.

Same here. Quit weed and got on olanzapine simultaneously. I had weird vivid dreams. Mostly fantastic sexual stuff involving fairies, attractive aliens and stuff like that. I never remembered my dreams my whole life as a pothead.

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i had a dream i lost my driving license :frowning: it was horrible

I’ll try what you say. Didn’t have too vivid of dreams last night. Maybe i’m on the downhill ride off these nightmares.

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