Strange and weird dreams

I have sometimes these crazy, strange and weird dreams. In this morning I woke up after I had a dream in which there was a rhino on ice walking to our little summer cottage in one island in the eastern Finland. Then this rhino tried to come in, but I closed the door so that it was not able to. Then I woke up. Yes, rhinos in Finland in the winter. It may be that meds or something else causes these strange dreams. What do you think?

yes a side effect of meds is vivid dreams

When I ran out of Topamax, a mood stabilizer, anti-seizure, headache meds, I had very graphic, violent dreams almost every night. I would wake up in a cold sweat hoping it wasn’t real. My pdoc blew it off as no big deal.

Stress and forgetting to take my meds will really amp up the strange dreams, the sleep walking and the nightmares. The stress will hit me harder then forgetting a med. I have some very vivid and scary dreams.

The gentle weird ones make me pause and wonder, but they don’t upset me when I’m awake.

Today I was dreaming that I was a soldier and I was in a war.

What is a NORMAL dream? Most dreams are bizarre.

Rhino on ice in finland.

This only means that you haven’t had your favorite meal in quite some time and that you should have it again.

Trust me im an expert. Dream meanings are quite simple.

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LOL, recently I have not had any weird dreams, maybe because I had a pizza for the breakfast, LOL, I do not really know what my favorite meal is, maybe it is rhino meat :smile: LOL.

Maybe it has something to do with fears about global warming.