Nightmares and weird dreams

My symptoms have been getting under control with this new concoction of meds my prescriber is giving me. But man have I been having the most insane (no pun intended) dreams! A few nights ago I dreamt that I committed suicide. I was running atop a very tall building. And as I got closer to the edge the more I thought about stopping but I couldn’t. It was like I had to just truck my way through the emotions and get it over with. I was really reconsidering hard as I was running, but still when I got to the edge I hurled myself in a half front flip motion so I was falling head first. Somehow I flipped over and was watching the building get taller as I fell and all I could think of was regret and repenting against my sin. My mom flashed before me for a moment while I was praying. Then I woke up… Then I had a dream about an alligator coming out of water and its belly was REALLY long so it took a long time to see its rear half. But when it’s rear end came out the damn thing had dog legs!!!
Anyways, anyone have strange dreams after meds?
I’m on Invega, Trilafon, Ativan, and Viibryd.

What are your strange dreams?

My symptoms have been getting under control with this new concoction of meds my prescriber is giving me.

Good for you. It’s always nice to hear a good news story. As for dreams, I don’t really remember them. But I get weird dreams if I don’t take my meds at the same time every day.


That’s probably what it is! I take them morning and night, but never at the same time. I should start! Plus it’ll get me into a good pattern. Thank you @everhopeful that’s a fantastic idea to help. I don’t mind the weird dreams so much but the nightmares are getting scarier and more realistic. I’ll try this.

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I have a reoccurring dream where I’m sent back to high school except I’m not a teenager I’m my current age.

Then I had a dream once my dad was having an affair and took me with him to the lady’s house and she killed him somehow and then trapped me in the basement, then the ceiling started coming down…I woke up and it took me a while to fall back asleep.

that same night after I fell back asleep and dreamed I was in Chicago visiting my grandpa (who passed away this year), I had my cat with me…who never comes with us when we travel, and I had my brother’s two cats, and a dog I didn’t recognize. I would go to feed them because they were hungry but every time I’d think I’d find their pet food it’d turn out to be something else.

Then if that wasn’t strange enough I found out the dog I was watching belonged to Lee Harvey Oswald and the feds showed up and I was worried I was being an accessory to a crime for watching his dog while he went to shoot the president…indicating the dream took place during the time of the Kennedy assassination.

I could go on…but those are the two strongest memory…I try and forget the dreams.

I have vivid dreams, I’m also on Invega, but the injectable.

I have recurring dreams about my student life, which ended a long time ago so I find it very weird, but not disturbing, because I’ve always enjoyed school life (although some teachers were really busting my chops). Strangely enough, in these dreams I never meet people I know. It’s always unknown faces and new people, which makes it even more interesting. To be honest, my night life (aka dreams) is more colorful than my days.

Same here.

I love to dream, so much adventure.

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Lucky im jealous of you vivid awesome dreamers…i usta be a vivid dreamer like you…until i took an arrow to the knee…i once had a kung fu dream where i fought karem abdul jabar…but he only spoke chinese…and jackie chan was translating it to english for me…had lots of flying and godzilla style destruction…was great…

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