Electronic Hookah

I just bought a new top to my electronic hookah and strawberries and cream and coffee and cream liquids. I talked to the guy at the tobacco shop and he said the reason the draw was so hard on mine is that the parts needed to be replaced. Since they didn’t sell my type of hookah I just bought a new top. It turns out you have to change the heating element every month. I can still use the battery from my old one. The liquids I got are 18mg which is about what the cigarettes I smoke are. I’m hoping I’ll smoke less cigarettes because lately I’ve been chain smoking because of my anxiety. I’ve been coughing up mucous and the nicotine is probably making me more anxious. So maybe the electronic hookah isn’t the best thing but I think it’s better then smoking, and cheaper. I’m wondering if I can use it on the bus? It’s just vapor, do you think the driver will say anything? When Jason and I go to AC it’s a long bus ride. I did ok at the ER not having a cigarette and we were there for hours. Has anyone tried the electronic cigarettes or hookahs? They have every flavor you could imagine including just plain tobacco. I like the flavored ones, the strawberries and cream are good. :sunny:

I tried Blu e-cigs and they were awful. It turned me off the whole idea.

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Yeah I didn’t like them either. They had a horrible taste. :sunny:

I would really be uncomfortable to find someone using one of these things next to me on the bus. It’s poor manners.


Yeah I guess it is poor manners. I just figured because it’s odorless and just vapor it wouldn’t bother anyone. I guess I’ll leave it at home. :sunny:

A guy used to come into my store and he put vanilla into his vaporizer. It smelled so good but it was really noticeable to other people. At least it was much more attractive smelling than cigarettes.

They switched passing out regular cigarettes to e-cig’s at the assisted living center where I live. (They pass out one pack of cigarettes a day to the people who smoke. The people who don’t smoke get the money they would have spent for them on cigarettes.) Nobody liked them. E-cigs do smell a lot better than regular cigarettes, though. They actually smell pretty good. I guess if you combined e-cigs with regualr cig’s it might work for you.

A couple summers back I worked with a fellow who smoked eCigs in the work vehicle to and from jobs. I would always come home reeking of menthol and my wife had me changing my clothes at the door before I was allowed in our home. I smelled that strongly of his vapour.

A lot of smokers who switch to the eSmoke products forget that they have spent years trashing their olfactory sense, leaving them with approximately 10% of the function of non-smokers. What smells very mild to a non-smoker is overpowering to a non-smoker.


I have wondered about laws etc regarding e-cigarettes. The vapor can make people sick. I tell my son that the signs say no smoking. They don’t say no nicotine :smile:

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There haven’t been a lot of studies done on the safety of eCigs yet. There have been some done on theatrical fog machines, which use pretty much the same crud eCigs do. They have been shown to irritate mucous membranes over time:

In my own case as someone who DJs professionally, I have to limit my use of my fog machine as it affects my breathing. I always end the evening with an irritating cough.

Really wouldn’t want the equivalent of a fog machine sitting next to me on a bus, especially if the fog contains nicotine, which is addictive.