I learned today something .. ecigs

I rode my bicycle four kilometers to one store and there in the front of this store was one young man in his early 20s, he had this ecig and it smelled really good and so I asked how he got the ecig liquid and he replied that he made it by himself. I did not know you can do that, but it really smelled very good.


vape juice comes in different flavor so it smells good…!!!

I’m not brave enough to mix my own juice. I’m an idiot so would get the nicotine concentration wrong or something. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

This smelled close to ‘vanilla Irish coffee’, really good …


I am in Australia so I have to mix my own…

Don’t know how you could make your own only know the oils come in different flavors. E-cigs in whole are cheaper then cigarettes.

You buy a mix of PG & VG, flavouring and nicotine and mix it all together.