Do you give to the homeless or charities?

I haven’t been in the city recently, so I haven’t seen any homeless people. But when I did go to the city, I always gave something to the homeless I encountered. People say, oh they might use it to get high, or something. But I figured that they should have the dignity of that choice. I know from living in poverty myself that not having any money is no fun. I always give to the needy veterans when they set up shop in front of the local grocery store. It isn’t much, but it’s what I can afford.


i give money to buskers, basically anyone.
but when i worked in the city when i was young i used to always try to give money to the homeless guys but they always turned the money down !
i was always confused by this, but maybe i just chose those who had more pride !
take care

I donate to charities like salvation army, i also shop at salvation army and goodwill. I wish i had more money to spend each month so i can donate to ASPCA.

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I use coupons and donate feminine hygiene items to my local food bank.

I don’t mind when people come up to me asking for money, I like helping them out a little. I don’t care what they spend it on because I’ve drank so much beer in my life I really can’t talk crap about what someone else is doing.

I give when i can.

There was a homeless fellow outside the grocery store once and i asked him what he would like to eat, we decided upon a sandwhich, it was the most affordable thing.

So i went to the deli and looked and there was a nice set of three sandwhiches for very cheap.

I looked at the name and it said “poor boy sandwhich” on it, i almost didn’t buy it because i didn’t want the homeless guy to see the name, but i did because it was the most affordable.

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I’d like to think I give when I can. I’m not a very rich man so I can’t give a lot. But if it’s a worthy cause I try to give some.

I donate to food banks. There were a few that really helped me out when I was homeless. So hopefully others will benefit. I give year round. I’m hoping that the community gardens ONE Harvest drive does better this year since there are more of them

You ever notice how the only ones who give charity are the ones who need charity the most?

I donate to a local homeless charity. I am wary about giving to individuals as there are clever con artists out there who play at being homeless . With a homeless charity there is more chance of help going to genuine cases .

I bought a bunch of yarn and crochet hooks and went to the art group I go to for schizophrenics. I am teaching people there how to crochet. It has been a big help for me and my symptoms dissapear for awhile while I crochet and for awhile afterwards. It is a way to cope and a godsent if you are ever in hospital. Makes great gifts too.

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I give money to homeless people sometimes. My financial situation has gone up and down over the years. If I have the money I will donate more. I sponsored a girl in The Honduras. That means I sent $20.00 a month to her family for a year. And they sent me back letters about how and what they were doing. And photos, and some of the little girls artwork from kindergarten. Once when I got money from SSDI for an underpayment I sent them a $100.00 in one lump sum.

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There is one homeless person I would give to, because she reminds me of myself + I think that could be me. I’ve stopped giving money to anyone else thinking I might come across her. I used to see her around town, but last time I saw her she seemed to have lost a place to live and she hasn’t shown up much.

Before my divorce I used to save all my recycle aluminum cans in the trunk of my car, and when I’d come across someone digging in the toters for cans, I’d ask them if they would like a bunch of them and open my trunk.
The look on their face was priceless! It was great.
Now I’m on the flip side and even though I’m not homeless, I’m dependent on my SSDI checks and end up at the food banks myself.

I support Rethink and also helping my schizophrenic friend who is living in share accommodation like clothes and lots of presents, inviting for a dinner etc. sorting out her’ paper’ things.
Also I support occasionally financially different charities. I do volunteering job for charity.

I donated some money to my local animal shelter, I think I will be doing this when I can afford to do so. It’s the place where I adopted my then mixed breed pup. Its so sad to see all of these misplaced and needy dogs and cats. My hat goes off to the volunteers.

It’s so nice to know how so many of you are so generous with the resources that you have. Have a great day, everyone!!

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I give to charity. I usually don’t encounter any homeless however.

technically i am threatened with homelessness but i am living in temporary accomodation just now and i need to go move again end of june start of july :frowning:

i dont really like where i stay, tbh i dont think i will be happy anywhere

i think i would prefer to live under a tree in a warm country and just fall asleep under the stars

i hope i get a nice place :frowning: as i have been looking at possible places but they wont tell me, they dropped a name but it is retirement homes and i dont want that.

i still give to charity though

I don’t schedule my donations. I give sporadically to people on the street my coins or a bill with a chocolate bar. Even the most disparaged people still have an ounce of dignity by still being alive. You can make the dollar you give them go so much farther if you run into the store their standing outside of and grab a well packaged chocolate bar to hand them along with a one dollar bill pressed on in your handshake. It just kills the humiliation dead in it’s tracks I find.