Effects of marijuana and trazodone towards bed time

Hi. How is your day? If I smoke cannabis, and take trazodone. I recommend ending your smoking early 6pm at best. Because I find the mixture if I smoke and take trazodone, the grogginess high feeling turns more into a depressive episode. Psychoactive cannibinoids tend to interfere with my sleep.

However daily smoking has lifted me up. I just won’t take it close to bed time, I’d say don’t smoke any MJ at least 4 hours prior to bedtime. Or else you’ll have that mixed episode. Where the high keeps me awake and the trazodone is making me lethargic.

Then again it all depends on what quality of herb you smoke, lower potency has less interference of sleep process. I take 3 trazodones to sleep 100mg each. And if a marijuana high is still potent in my system during bed time I need to take 3 1mg klonopin to settle down into sleep.

The other night I slept very naturally wasn’t high and usually I require the klonopin, however that drug has a erectile dysfunction profile. So I’m just trying to sleep using trazodone alone and I can.

Cannabis keeps me awake period. If I smoke it anywhere near bedtime I’ll be awake for hours. I’ve seen people doze off after smoking the stuff and thought “well that might be nice” but it’s always kept me awake.

I’ve had an odd relationship with the stuff, at first it was amazing, then it just made me dumb, comatose and socially anxious for a while, and then I laid off the stuff several years until I began growing it for personal consumption in my 20’s, we became friends again at this point. Now when I smoke I know I prefer to either be alone or with others I’m comfortable with and who accept me for me as there’s always a ten or fifteen minute wave of weirdness that washes over me, but this passes and I generally feel ‘okay’.

I just don’t smoke a heck of a lot of it generally as I’ve never particularly felt comfortable buying drugs, any kind of drugs. This and it leaves me wanting for something better, something more, something that doesn’t wake me up in a way that tends to weird me out…

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I hardly ever “have” weed anymore, but smoke it when I can get it…that’s about twice a month and I tend not to be so compulsive over it that way…I think most of peoples anxiety over weed is because it’s illegal…when I had it and it was legal for me ( I used to have a mmj license in Arizona) I was never nervous…transporting is another story…I don’t transport because I freak out…it’s always brought to my house when I do it now…

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weed be good wee

Well, the effects of cannabis CAN cause anxiety. I’ve known people who’ve smoked it for years and then it starts causing them anxiety when they smoke. This can come and go and in most cases can be overcome with using it on ones own terms if one wishes to continue use.

In my case, what used to cause the anxiety is that, first of all, I don’t need as much of it as most smokers smoke and it took me years to learn this. Second of all I become far more aware of myself, others and my surroundings when I smoke and this can nowadays cause me a little ten minute awkward fest…

I think this is not the best idea.

This is not true, the effects of THC differ from person to person and also from schizophrenic to schizophrenic. For some, it relieves symptoms, for most, like me, it is a one way ticket to psychosis and freaks everything out for a few days. I am quite stable and THC makes me go apeshit.

I really think that smoking weed on meds or being diagnosed with an axis one disorder is just a bad idea.


This is very true, something I’ve noticed most “potheads” tend to be a little blind to. But then I’ve noticed that most people have trouble distinguishing the fact that what they are experiencing isn’t necessarily what ALL of us are experiencing…something about human nature this is.

I’ve seen people slip into psychosis smoking this mysterious stuff, I’ve known people, friends, who have threatened me for the money to buy another bag, they say this stuff isn’t addictive and this is what I’d thought too until I met people who were as addicted to it as someone with a crack habit, same behaviors.

Yet, for me it’s never caused me to become psychotic, erratic or anything, just a little socially awkward at the worst. But for some it IS a trigger of psychosis, for others it’s not. I’d say it’s as mysterious a thing as mental illness it’s self.

I hate to kill the mood here but marijuana does not agree with everyone and not everyone should smoke it. Some people smoke it even when they know it will screw them up mentally. I was in that category for a few years. I learned my lesson. I hope everybody learns theirs.


That’s a lot of meds! Does your doctor really prescribe all of that? Be careful, I have passed out a couple of times when I smoked because my meds were tranquilizers and interacted with the pot. A doctor told me that after I kept passing out. :sunny:

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I’m saying what your saying : some people can handle marijuana some can’t. It’s true I didn’t research marijuana use in schizophrenics for 6 months. But I’m talking from my experience AND what I’ve read on these forums for 5 years. And not to diminish your struggles which I know little about but my case of paranoid schizophrenia was extremely severe in the beginning. I’ve been in the psyche wards and hospitals too. In my twenties I was locked up for 8 months in a psychiatric hospital and I’ve been hospitalized 10 or 11 times myself. But honestly, how does anyone besides us (and us included) really measure who suffered more? To ME, mine was pretty bad. But I’ve always had a roof over my head and three meals a day. I never lived on the streets or spent more than ONE day in jail. Which I treated as a big joke! Even when I was led into a courtroom in shackles.
I’ll cut this short. My point was not to say that ALL schizophrenics shouldn’t smoke pot. I’m saying that not EVERY schizophrenic is able to smoke pot. Pure and simple. I’m not offended, I just wrote my opinion and my observations. Maybe I should have kept my opinion to myself.

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Can a schizophrenic smoke pot and not have it cause serious problems? I think it depends on the person. I do know that there is a great risk of it causing serious trouble. Is it worth the risk? I don’t think so.

Personally, I’ve smoked it in the past. Some times it didn’t seem to do much, other times I really messed me up. I don’t smoke it now, nor have I smoked it in many years. It is not worth the possible trouble for me, in both a legal and mental sense.


It has been pretty well established that even casual use of marijuana will cause changes to the user’s brain structure, affecting brain function and even causing some cognitive deficits (particularly in the area of working memory):

Really not a good idea to touch this stuff even if you are not SZ or taking some form of head meds. Messing with this stuff when you have SZ and take meds for it is bad all around.

Sorry to be a downer, but this is the reality of this particular drug.



I’ve smoked enough in the past to know that it does me no favors and even when I got curious and revisited Mr. marijuana even a little last summer, I ended up really setting back my healing process. It took me a while to get the paranoia and cloudy thinking back under control. A lot of time and energy went into to reeling me back in.

As time ticks on, connections fade and I have no desire to acquire. Yes, it’s legal in this state now. I used to be on the “go for it” side of this discussion, but for me personally, my high time is over.

Plus I now have only 1 sibling that hasn’t suffered a serious mental health setback along with an addiction. My kid sis is still clean/ sober and sane. I will do anything I can to keep drugs away from her.

Hi Sungirl, how is ur day? Yes he really does prescribe all of that. I have never passed out or lose consciousness. Well maybe you got the double dose because pot functions in a way similar to a tranquiler it acts as anti anxiety agent. My wishes are that you don’t pass out anymore. Havea good one.

That is your reality and sorry to be judgmental but its a tad biased. I been slapped with every anti pot rhetoric out there. And just because you got a link to some article to some study. Does not determine the ultimate gavel drop because there are dozens of other studies pro marijuana that I think have more merit than the study you just linked us.

I knew a few young girls that discovered pot and were like always trying to get it. But they were not addicts. Stoners if u will, munchie eating joksters. I know. But was their behavior damaging? One of the them works with species of birds, just really intelligent. And the other well she has a daughter and she works too. I had many jobs while I smoked and took my medicine. Guess u could say I was lucky that pot wasn’t ruining my life.

I deal in information. The study sample is small, but congruent with previous data that has been collected. I really don’t care what consenting adults do so long as they’re not hurting me or sticking me with the bill for whatever damage they’re causing to themselves. I do take offense to people trying to pass off dodgy info as medically valid information. The bottom line is that there are very few good reasons for someone with a SZ/SZA diagnosis to smoke weed, so if you haven’t actually had it prescribed to you by a medical professional, you shouldn’t be using it.

Not going to apologize for being biased towards logical thinking and actions. That’s the whole point of recovery for someone with my diagnosis.


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Ive got to agree, the scientific research against pot is much stronger than the research for pot. It makes people’s IQ’s lower by ten points with daily use. Like come on, unless you have a superior or exceptionally gifted level IQ, its not a good idea. Some people on here are that bright, I have a “superior level” IQ and I almost failed honors physics at the international high school I went to because of pot and schizophrenia, but I blame the pot because I made a 3.9 unmedicated but off pot in college later that year.

That honors physics class was made extra hard by the teacher. I showed my work to another science teacher and he said “these are college level trick questions, 4 of the 5 questions on here are trick questions and all of them are AP level”. Lotta kids dropped that class. I stuck with it and made a C, only C of my high school career.

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Super intelligent people have been known to smoke pot duhh. Oh I only produced over 500 professional instrumentals and u say pot makes us stupid or less productive. I don’t agree with the pots negative research. I agree it can be a hazard for sz people. In fact it was for me. Many years I could not touch pot with out exacerbation of my symptoms. All it is I am trying say is that I grew out of that pot sensitivity stage. I go to the gym high it helps me focus and keeps my mind set on what I’m doing less distractions. A good person who uses pot will always do good things with it , a sick person who uses pot will be sick. And a bad person you get the drift.

I am wondering how many more you would have produced if you had not been stoned, to be honest, and likely of better quality. The Beatles’ drug inspired tracks, frankly, weren’t that good. I am not holding out hope for the new Pink Floyd ‘Spliff Session’ album coming out. Stoner music sessions are pretty blah unless you spark up a big phat d00bie and knock your own higher cognitive functions down a notch. Fun at 15, maybe, but not at 45.