Trazadone side effect in the morning

Since i started taking trazadone at night to sleep, i wake up in the morning with fear.
Does this medication really causes fear as its side effect.

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I don’t get that side effect. In the beginning I was getting erections so my doctor lowered the dose. That was all I experienced. Trazadone improves my sleep quality. I fall asleep faster. My sleep schedule is more regulated.

Good heads up.

I have a good deal of fear lately. I started regular use of Trazadone months ago. Hmm.


I just rummaged through my stacks of papers and ■■■■ but found all of the prescription sheets except for trazodone.

I would call your pdoc and ask to speak with him/her regarding an alarming side effect. My docs, both the therapist (clinical shrink) and the psychiatrist call me back and talk with me. They seem to…I dunno, give me more respect than I observe other patients speaking of.

I am a bit uncannily highly functioning, so my docs take me seriously and don’t want me to fall from a lofty height. They want me to become a clinical shrink!

Anyways, it is a FAILED. anti-depressant. It is now used more often for sleep. I was warned of it causing a groggy hangover, and I do remember it causing worse arrhythmia for me, which makes sense, I take Geodon which prolongs the QT interval. That means it ■■■■■ with the way the heart beats.

I didn’t like trazodone, it made me feel like I was going to die, I could hear my heart beating after taking 150mg of it in desperation to get to sleep. But that’s because I am on Geodon. But the drugs sometimes does ■■■■ with the heart.

Sleep aids don’t work on me. I was prescribed Ambien and Trazodone and they both just felt like bad street drugs. Ambien made me high and date rape myself. Trazodone made me feel like I was dying. Melatonin works but makes my dreams more vivid, and most of the time I have nightmares. I take 9mg of sublingual melatonin at bed with 1mg of Xanax. Most of the time it and some exercise or good mental stimulation or both makes me sleep like a normal person.

I’ve gotta say, if you aren’t exercising, try doing that before pills to sleep. I was in a shitty place yesterday and just went for a thirty minute jog and then showered and hydrated, shaved, then took a nap and woke up feeling much more sane and stable and went to sleep by about midnight and woke up at 8am.

I need intense, and I mean intense exercise to stay healthy. Excess stress hormones means excessive exercise to feel normal. It’s simple. It’s part of my therapy.

I tend to wake up later the next day and more sleepy than if I don’t take them. I haven’t noticed any fear but these meds can affect different people differently.

I threw out my trazadone the first night i took it my heart was beating so rapidly i thought i was going to die and then I woke up with a bad hangover. I’m going to try melatonin trazadone bites.