ECT electroconvulsive therapy

Has anyone here done ect? What are your thoughts on it? Did this treatment work for you?

I had ECT done. It really didn’t work for me long term and I think it messed with my memory. :cat::cat::cat:

I had it at 16 for depression. It didn’t do anything good for me.

Never had it, but I’m considering as well. Seems like its not working for people here though :confused:

Yeah my sibling was recommended it because he isn’t responding to normal meds. Hasn’t tried clozapine yet

Maybe the worst thing I could’ve ever done. I was never suicidal until after ECT. I stopped it after the 5th session, because I felt like my emotions were blunted. I was happy before the ECT, and have been struggling quite a lot ever since. I hope I can feel normal or like I was before the ECT again.