Eating meals was the high point of the day in hospitals

Yes a sweet nurse is comforting when your ill

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Canā€™t solve these problems.
Canā€™t solve these problems.
Shouldnā€™t read
Just rest.
Bye now.

Yep, kinda ridiculous in my point of view. A bit extreme.

I thought that it was great when I had a chance to talk with different people. I still see some people whom I met at the ward.

been in the hospital twiceā€¦the first time sucked because of how I was treated. the second was better but not by much

The food at both Sucked Donkey Ballsā€¦

The high point of my first trip was def leaving.

High point of the second time was when I finally got to use a computer while inside, it was only 30 minutes a day, but it was better than nothingā€¦though not by much because you could only use the games on the hospital server, you couldnā€™t google or anything.

Of course if I were more perverted the high point would have been the crazy chick running down the halls naked every night, but that was just annoying in my opinionā€¦I was trying to sleep and she was screaming while touching herselfā€¦very disturbing to a guy who is in because of depressionā€¦