Eating meals was the high point of the day in hospitals

The rest of the day was boring and slow torture.


I beg to differ. I refuse to eat one more liquefied meatloaf with a paper spoon as long as I live!

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The hospital usually isn’t that bad for me. I just wait out my time.

The Kaiser hospital I was in for two weeks had a chef. We ate like kings. It was actually kind of weird. Every meal was fantastic. We had crepes, steak, french toast, omelets, strawberry shortcake, chefs salad. We didn’t have one bad meal the whole time I was there. But it was weird because it’s some tiny ward in this rural area, but it had the best food of any hospital I’ve been in and the food was actually better than some restaraunts.


WHAAT! The Kasier I was at had the worst food. I had to be watched or with someone when I was eating food. I think they thought I was dangerous…me! Dangerous???
I hated that place XD. I went to the bathroom and some large fellow with a taser stood outside…I mean what am I going to do???Throw toilet paper at him XD. oh welll, done is done :grin:

I agree. I read a lot in between meals, and paced, and smoked.

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Good luck pix!


I thought the therapy groups were the high point for me. Meals were ok, but the occupational therapy (like beading and yoga, cooking and mosaics) were more fun. I lived for these moments in hospital because the rest of the time was soooooo boring!

I remember one ward I was on was always the last to get the food trolley. Food was invariably semi warm. The best that could be said about the food, which came from a central catering unit that served all the mental health units in the area, was that it was better than school food. Supposedly you got a choice(you were asked the day before what you wanted) but often they sent out too much of one thing and too little of another,
One unit I was on the breakfast was cereals and boiled eggs that two of us in turn had to cook for the other patients.

Food where I went was always hit-or-miss. When it was a hit it was really just decent, nothing special. But I miss out on a lot of the food served because I’m a vegetarian.

the meals I remember were Ok… not thrilling… not always that good…

I paced… smoked… read

My high point was when we were allowed to go outside and hang in the park or take a walk.

Food at my hospital wasnt too bad

I thought that food was good.

The food at my local hospital was terrible. One time I was hospitalized in Oregon and the food was really good. You even got to place orders for what you wanted.

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I was at a state hospital at one point. That had stuff you wouldn’t give a dog. Luckily those places have closed now.

But then they end up in the streets. I called the police one time because a poor woman was off her meds. They said they couldn’t do anything and just drove away. It pains me to this day.

Hospital meals were usually full of carbs and made you fat on top of the meds they were giving you. They should have a special healthy diet for psych pts.

Tea time was what we all thrived on while in hospital
9pm was time for tea or coffee and helps of toast

Yeah, when I was in the hospital 5 months age, 5 people got tased for not washing their hands after using the bathrooms and 3 people got put in restraints for not brushing their teeth in the morning.

I used to play the piano in the common room…

I’d teach other patients how to play duets with me. One nurse said she’d miss me when I go because she loved the way I played the piano. I thought that was sweet of her to say that.