Eating and such

Rice is great if you’re really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.


it gets bloody everywhere when you cook it.

I want a rice cooker. really handy and they take away all the “mess”. and perfect rice every time. !! good when serving cajun food.

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Mine is a smaller pot that fits inside a bigger pot with a vented lid. Put an inch and a half of water on the bottom, put in two crappy cookie cutters, set the rice pot on top of those (1 portion rice to 1.5 portions water), cover, and turn to high, then turn to simmer and let cook for 35 min once the boil kicks in.

Take lid off and serve rice. No need for an extra appliance. :smile:


Rice is an excellent school, the Harvard of the south

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Yeah, including calories. :frowning:

(Actually having coconut curried pork over jasmine scented rice for dinner, but a small portion and only AFTER a bowl of salad.)


I love my rice cooker. Beasty thing. Toss in 2cups of washed rice, add 3cups water (up to the first knuckle of index finger) close lid, push on button , done in 25 minutes.
I also add cut carrots, broccoli, onions, corn, cauliflower…whatever vegetables available, and enough extra water and yum.

They have a good football team, right?

Beats me, probably.

Rice, it’s so cheap, versatile and depending on what type you do use and what you do add can be good for you. My advice is learn to cook and experiment. Also don’t buy like 500 bags of the stuff at once like you seem to do.

its getting more expensive rice and will continue to do so india has wherehouses full of the stuff and its not selling it.