Easter, nice but I do not believe in Jesus

I have never believed in Jesus, however I understand that the Bible has many old stories. And you?

We belief in the CREATOR that created the thing from its nothing,
and give everything its properties and put them in the smaller
creation units that so-called the atom or the cell

I believe that it all started in the Big Bang when the God’s energies and genetic programming etc. were released.

One funny thing is also that Muhammed spoke about atoms existing in the universe. This was some 1500 years ago. This was much earlier than those discoveries in this field. No wonder that Islam has survived so long.

You are not existed when the big bang starting,you are a witness who saw nothing !

I believe in God, sometimes I think that i’m jesus and I like the candy.

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During the moment of big bang ,
you are not a thing — {you did not existed }
So that, you are not actual witness for the moment of big bang
you do not saw what was the existed things BEFORE the big bang moment

=,you should offer a practical test
to prove the correctness of the big bang theory

BUT all of us know that:
you can not repeat the creation process in the
lab or in any where to prove the credibility of the theory

that is because,the energy law says that :the matter can not be created or destroyed
this mean that, all scientists can not creating the matter from nothingness in the lab
or in the space or anywhere !!

It is impossible to have any practical test to prove the credibility of big bang
=big bang means that a creation of things { mass,energy and space-time} from nothingness
=a creation of single atom or human cell from nothingness in the lab is impossible

although the matter can not be created , But the universe is real now and existed Against the energy law,because there is The Creator that created the things form no-things

so, what was said about the big bang will be stay forever as a theory without prove or evidence

Guess it’s just another day to you then lol I guess good friday doesnt mean anything either lol

I’ll be helping out at the community kitchen, hope its not too busy lol (I get stressed) then at night I have a service and on Sunday I have a breakfast and it should be pretty enjoyable as long as I take my meds and sing in key lol x

Take care and

Happy easter :slight_smile:


The pagans had an arrival of spring celebration that the Christians stole and called Easter. That’s my understanding. The same with winter and Christmas.

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I believe the easter bunny brings me peanut butter eggs.
That’s good enough for me.


Its another big day for the candy corporations and card companies

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Easter was always sort of lost on this family… but we are totally into the beginning of spring. Spring Equinox was a fun day for us.

I don’t do anything overtly environmental, but I do like Earth Day and Arbor Day. :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :palm_tree:


He wasn’t there but the theory of the big bang was not invented in a vacuum. There is hard, tangible evidence that points to it.The theory was proposed decades ago but it took until recently that the scientist who first postulated it received news that yes,his theory is correct. The theory was not proposed one day as a whim of some guy. It’s more like he evaluated and studied the cosmos for years and everything he studied pointed to a creation by a big bang. Who has seen god? Who has seen evidence of a talking snake? Who has seen Adam and Eve? The bible is taken on faith to believe it. If you want to get into an argument about witnessing events long ago, both sides can easily use the claim : “How do you know? You weren’t there”. Burning bushes that talk, people turned into pillars of salt, parting seas, people living to be 300 years old, etc. The Big Bang theory took years to prove, it uses evidence. The bible sets forth some good principles and ideas but it seems more like fairy tales than facts.

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Oh man, I re-read this over and over like 15 times… and each time I could have sworn it said “farting peas” that was confusing me… plus that sounded unpleasant. But my sis read it and said it was “parting seas”

That makes much more sense.


You wrote "the big bang theory took years to prove,its uses evidence "

You are talking about the universe from a philosophical viewpoint for sake deny the existence of the Creator,and do not talking about the universe from astronomical viewpoint

You are not aware details of the astronomical theories that related with the universe creation
-you are trying to steer the wheel of bilateral dialogue for moving toward religious issues,and we reject that way as possible,

In fact,there is no any evidence to any astronomical theory,you do not know the different between the theory text and the practical evidence,just you say “big bang” and have no
idea what is it
*the text of theory is a description to the universe creation process

  • BUT the practical evidence is the explanation to the universe creation process,
    Like different between description of sz symptoms and explanation the schizophrenic process !!

what is the theories of universe creation ?
there are two theory,the big bang and the Quantum Fluctuation
Big Bang:
the moment that brought all the matter and energy and space-time to the current universe
to the presence
Quantum fluctuation
the big bang taken as a one of the ends of the iterative process of expension and contraction experienced by the universe forever,so the universe have no beginning or END,
this meant,the quantum fluctuation is endless repeating of big bang and big crunch
-if you want to build a house,must have the raw materials for manufacture this construction
the question

  • ;How to create the universe by big bang or by quantum fluctuation ?
    1-we assume in advance the presence of primary substance "raw materials " ,could happen to it the big bang or QF ,to led to the existence of our universe
    {it is supposed to present a raw material before the beginning of the universe creation}

2- the theory of big bang neglect or ignore the issue of the raw material,and says that
the big bang explosion brought all materials,energy and space-time to the current universe

this means that,the scientists build their theories about the universe creation on
the assumption of existence of raw material before the start of big bang explosion

=the raw material,where they come from ?
the raw material is the main factor for the universe creation process
they are fail to know where from the raw material come from

  • creation of the universe is different about describe the symptoms of universe creation

-you have no any materialist evidence to prove the credibility of the big bang theory
because you have not explanation to the raw material {primary substance}

but we talking about different points
what is the things "primary substance " that be existed before the moment of big bang explosion ? and where from the primary things coming from ?

is the primary material be existed by its self-volition?

=in the case,if you say YES
: the matter can not be created ;
it means,the primary things can not existed by its will

the existence of the primary substance at first,
which it followed by explosion in the second stage " big bang"

you can not imagine an explosion of no- thing to creating a things
because the empty space is an existed thing

=In the case,if you say,the universe substance was existed after the moment of
big bang explosion,
the question
What is the thing who was exploded and turn into a stars,planets and space-time ?

you believe that the universe substance be generated from explosion of nothing
in no place and no time,because you deny the existence of the Creator who creates the raw material { creation basis}

the creation of the raw material from nothingness against the energy law "the matter can not be created " is the important point at all

Than how this can be possible

i like the big bang theory lol Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny lol

I like the big bang theory because it is a beginning of the creation story


maybe you are right, but even creation has its origins lol

OK. Show me the tests that prove god exists.Show me hard evidence that something called god created the the universe. Show me tests that prove that. In the case of religion, faith or an archaic book is not evidence.

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