Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish

I wasted my life believing that.


Good I thought this was going to be a religious thing


i still believe in father christmas…he is real…

dear santa my list for christmas ;
a doctor who scew driver
sith stickers ( for spaceship )
new dark sith cloak ( old one has lightsaber burn marks , damn jedi ! ) it was vintage aswell !!
take care

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chordy, I am sorry you feel that way. you must be having it very hard now so you are depressed?

the world turns itself upside down on us with sz however to me thinking that there’s a god gives me much comfort.

my dad was a great rabbi. he always emphasized being kind to people as opposed to harping on who and what is god. I never dared answer him “since when are people kind to me?”


Hmm… Personally I believe in Jesus. Doesn’t mean life doesn’t suck.

----Warning, proceed with caution. There be offensive zombies ahead.----

I see myself as incompatible with religion. I have come up with multiple conclusions based on Christianity. The first was that Jesus was a zombie, I announced this a year ago at easter on my Facebook account (which I no longer have), let’s just say very few ppl were amused.

Then recently I seem to have gotten the idea that Jesus was actually the Antichrist and the bible is a book of mass manipulation. I persued this thought and came to the following conclusion. Belief is Jesus breaks the commandment of ‘Thou Shalt Not Make Graven Images’ since Jesus was the son of God, he was also a creation of God and thus of similar spiritual value as regular humans. There for he shall not be viewed as anything more than a regular human. Since Christianity followed after the existence of Christ, it could even be considered to be the one religion that is supposed to unite the world in Revelations.

As far as the bible goes, I can’t imagine there was any kind of security used to keep malicious ‘prophets’ from adding to or messing with the concepts the bible trys to convey. I imagine it would only require a little bit of effort to misdirect an entire population, flying by faith, to do the bidding of evil while thinking they are on the good side.

To put it simply, how do you know that the faith you have isn’t just a successful attempt at manipulation by the very evil you hate?

To think, it all started with the only zombie confirmed by religion: Jesus Christ.

I do not wish to start a flame war on religion or to offend people, I am simply stating how incompatible my mind is to religion since I can’t seem to develop the faith required. Thank you.

You are qouting it right now.

It says “subjected to vanity not willingly”, vanity meaning suckiness, depravity, worthlessness, bad ■■■■.

It also calls this entire experience “meaningless! meaningless! all is meaningless!”

I believe we are not alone in this existence, but who knows who they are really and what and why they do things, they could have made us, it’s possible. I try hard not to assume whether or not they are psychos, a psychopath could have pulled off a grand illusion if he had the skill to do so, he could have made it seem like many things with jesus, even that he rose from the dead when he may have not.

I suppose im agnostic, but also believe that there are other entities that probably gave way to the universe and who knows maybe even our cursed little planet, but whether or not they are psychos i don’t know.

Just call me thomas i suppose.

Demons could have chosen him to perform different illusions the whole time, and then when he died they removed his body and made it appear that he had lived again to certain people.

There is no possibility that we are all alone in existance, beings are there besides us and have more likely than not known we were here for quite some time, and could have also made our little planet.

But whether or not they are absolute psychopaths i try to not assume. But most of the time i lean towards complete psychopaths.

Advanced beings could have very well artificially insemenated a woman and helped this average man whom they used perform illusions and then made it look as though he had risen after death, this is exactly what a psychopath might do to the human race.

Or who knows, perhaps an ancient spirit did indeed become a man to accomplish a few things, and maybe he did indeed die and then was made alive again, who the hell knows.

You bring up a good point though, because that is exactly what happened, “vatican” even literally means “the prophet of the serpent”, and they got their hands on this book and almost instantly began to change it when they did get their hands on it.

Crazy ■■■■, this “serpent” is mentioned several times in this book, and he is the very one walking around with it most of the time it seems.

You know it never even mentioned hell, hell was never a part of this particular book, i find that interesting.

Don’t cry for me, ifeelblessed, because I am happy with the revelation. You see, I never thought I had believed it. I thought I was smarter than that. But I was an unhappy child, looking for answers.