Funny Thing Of The Day 3/17


I guess that still leaves this universe for me to be Ironman… sweet

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That’s good. I like that, but I also have to wonder if there is a universe where I am Adolph Hitler, God forbid. I wonder if there is any sort of morality to it, or if it is a nihilistic multiverse.

Well the way I heard it is that it takes nothing to create the universe. There is this thing called the higgs boson that lives in hyper space (space outside the universe) and it break symmetry. And if you add up all the positive and negative neutrons in the universe, you get 0. 0 is symmetrical, so for our universe to be created at least, it takes literally nothing to create it.

Edit: It takes nothing and the higgs boson breaks that nothingness into possibly creating a universe.

I got this idea from this guy

Michio Kaku , I always tune out when he gets involved. I think string theorists should be on meds instead of propagating their unusual beliefs.


So I say to you, if it takes nothing to create the universe and everything down the path of expanding and creation of life. Is it not that nothingness set everything down the path to morality?

Obviously I would be Superman and not Captain America. :relieved:

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Jean Grey in this universe, nooow!

I want unlimited burritos.

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Heavy. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this.

I find a lot of things to be hard to understand. But I’ve been told it’s all about conditioning, and we’ve just been conditioned to accept false ideas from our ancestors who lived in Africa and forward until now.

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This would cover the details. Krauss doesn’t use as much “fluff” as Michio.

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