East Coast 3AM

I woke up in cold sweats at 1am, and had a nightmare. I want to go back to bed!!!

I’m seeing my sister today, and my mom is making spaghetti sauce, maybe that’s on my mind…

Sleep is hard. I sleep like a baby these days but I keep everything regular. Take the pills same time everyday. I think it helps.

It is important. For the short term benzo’s can help falling asleep but it’s a limited option. Try and get to sleep on your own. It really can help you!


hi @Winterblues sorry you had a nightmare. Hope you can get back to sleep quickly.


Hope you get some sleep soon, sounds like you have a nice day ahead…

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I felt knocked out at 9:30pm after I took my meds! but it didn’t do anything for me to sleep long. Benzos aren’t working for me anymore, I’ve been on them almost 5years. They lost their value

I’m going to try to throw something in the microwave, maybe a full stomach can help me sleep

Yeah benzo’s are only a short term thing. You build up immunity too quick.

Have a feed. I’m at dinner time and doing my 3 meals a day. I’m going to do a home made hamburger with a pattie from the shop. They are decent and taste good. Just add salad and some sauce!

Hope you get to sleep. It really is important!

Thank you, enjoy your dinner

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yeeeerrrppp, birds are chirping, cant take another benzo, I maxed out tonight. Maybe CBD oil that I haven’t taken in two months

After I smoked the CBD oil, I started hearing a flood of voices, and one distinct robotic one that told me the oil won’t work and the robotic voice started talking to the fast talking voice. Now I think I’m high… Ugh

Dont reckon the CBD is messing with you mate, maybe its all the benzos you took!?? Try and put some music on and chill out.x

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I only took my maximum prescribed dose

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Ok - sorry mate - wrongly assumed then! :slight_smile:

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