Earthlings it's happy u.f.o. day !?!

" nanoo nanoo ".
today is the official international u.f.o. day, don’t forget to embrace your fellow aliens, and send them happy wishes.
take care


thanks for the reminder darksith, a true day of celebration comming from my small corner of the world.

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When I was a prep cook, our dishwasher was an illegal who the managers let stay in the restaurant in a 7x7 room upstairs. He was a better worker than me so they switched us around and he became the prep cook and I was demoted to dishwasher. When I worked split shifts and he was gone they would let me use his room to lay down for an hour or two between shifts. Man, I was going through rough times back then in 1987.

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jIyaj ! majQa’ !

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I like to used think that the aliens from Halo were real…but just because theyre pretty cool and I would have made friends with some Sangheli bros pretty quickly. They’re inspired by Samurai and they are basically Japanophiles like I am, they live for honor and have an enlightened warrior culture and value intelligence. I am a Halo nerd, I know the games by heart and read the books and watched the short films and everything. I know more about the Halo universe than I remember from anything else I studied in high school…and I went to an international school, LOL

here’s a Sangheli

They have 4 mandibles and hooves and are reptilian. I would love to see a schizophrenic one. Like I wonder if there are other intelligent creatures in the universe (I believe that there must be given the size of the universe) who have schizophrenia- like does it just happen to humans or do mental illnesses happen in all intelligent creatures? A question that I will never have an answer to. ■■■■.

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I saw a ufo once.

I’ve wanted an answer to that ever since i saw it.

secret human ship, interdimensional, from another planet, wtf was it goddamnit!?

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hey, i did wave, you must not have seen it !?!
take care
p.s that is cool.

Hooray to the Red, White, and Blue. It’s almost 4th of July! Independence Day! With parades and flags and fireworks and lots and lots of people. And Happy UFO Day!

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Describe craft please? I may be able to identify it. You also can add to that list holographic projection, spiritual manifestation (signs in the heavens), thought projection manifestation, or non-human earth craft (interdimensional)

Very similar to some hologram projections i have seen as far as shape…but they were almost transparent translucent so i couldn’t spot details in their forms…shape was very similar and they had a type of exoskeleton …

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Happy u.f.o. day to you darksith! Hope you, and all our fellow aliens have a good one! :slight_smile:

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A perfect triangle, pitch black in color, it had three smaller lights under each corner and one larger light in the middle.

It nearly hovered, moved very slowly and made no noise whatsoever.

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TR3B, nuclear powered aircraft…of earth

Spot video… My late wife and I knew of this craft since 2002. (Vid may be fake but it gives an idea of what it looks like at the end)

Got this from one of the shuttle mission footages…the video shows it in flight and at the edge of space…

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I always used to want to see a u.f.o back when I was into all that ancient astronaut theory stuff. Someone said to me once “There’s no aliens!” (in my delusions) “there’s usually aliens!” And no, there’s not one alien or u.f.o or anything of the sort. There’s ghosts and famous/infamous people and telepathy and Nazi gold and there’s Satan and shadow creatures and demons and the holy grail but NOT ONE alien…not a one.

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Why would it be flying just over the tree line at about three in the morning though?

Just having a little fun?

We’re talking really really close to the ground right in front of the city.

They were doing that in Europe back in the 90s…those exact moves…testing 1 - 2 - 3…

I think this is one of the actual photos from back then, taken in Belgium

Predecessor 1950s…

it could be all very negative…
if you take our evolution as an guidebook, the stronger,smarter, better equipped
the more chance for the spieces too survive.
maybe thats the reason why there are so many dead? planets out there.
and that could be the reason why we have so many “lost” civilizations.

they could have destroyed each other, maybe thats the real reason
why most galaxies are moving away from each other.
heck for all we know we are just an isolated expirement.

i dunno, the posibilities are endless… yet i have never seen an happy ufo

Hmmm…can you explain "happy’ UFO?
I have…

(Drawing of craft I encountered)

nice drawing.

yet when i think about an happy ufo its more inline with this.

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Hey, it WAS that color blue though! the lighter shades…

This same color blue one was an unhappy UFO, very lonely, the poor ancient thing… it’s happy now…

“When you look at the stars and the galaxy, you feel that you are not just from any particular piece of land, but from the solar system.”
The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get onto it and the perseverance to follow it.
The coolest thing for me is the experience of floating and not feeling my weight. And hanging by a window just after sunset and watching the stars in the big black dome of the sky as the earth moves underneath."

I keep telling JP [her husband J P Harrison] that one day a spaceship is going to kidnap me.

Kalpana Chawla

Normally, when an astronaut once has entered into space does not dare to enter again as, he is aware of the hazards involved. But Kalpana was different in this case and she often said she wanted to be a part of the first team landing on Mars and preferred to die in space among the stars and she experienced that dream coming true later. -