Earthchild's pdoc session

So I saw Dr “Mango” today and had long session as there were four students present. Felt very self conscious!

Told him everything I recorded of my symptoms and then he answered my questions and we discussed therapy which I requested.

Asked does the hospital recognise sza as a diagnosis because it’s controversial. So dr said what’s so controversial about it? So I said it’s poorly researched. So he said no it’s not controversial, it’s recognised as legit disorder in DSM

When I asked what’s wrong with me he said, confirming my diagnosis - I have schizoaffective disorder. When I asked about borderline personality he said I don’t meet criteria for it. But I do meet criteria for sza.

A confusing question I asked was am I psychotic? So he said no. (Even with my radio and paranoia? Huh? Then what?) So I said why do I take AP’s then? Do I even need them? So he said yes I do need meds. So I asked if I am not psychotic then why am I diagnosed sza? So he said sza’s aren’t psychotic all the time.

Oh ok it’s probably my confused understanding of the word lol! As I thought about it, and what a past pdoc said, I came to understand it like this - I have not got grey hair but I have grey hairs.


Dr filled out referral form for therapist and said they’d call me soon and then he discussed with students what therapy would suit me best. Psychodynamic? Cognitive? Supportive or educational? Etc etc.

The topic of my marriage came up as well. Dr could see I was struggling with being married and my husband’s illness, and he asked me do I want to be married? So I said sometimes yes sometimes no. Explained about my separation where I was so happy, then depression set in and went to hospital and then returned to hubby and was also happy - till this year. Explained to dr about my stress with hubby and his business stress.

So the marriage will be addressed in therapy, probably with hubby as well

Medication wise dr didn’t want to change anything, said the antidepressants haven’t stopped working and when I suggested I go on risperidone instead of amisulpride, due to costs, he said no because it made me lactate.

So amisulpride is still the best for me, along with haloperidol .

And that’s about all my news!


Sounds like a good session. Good luck with the therapist. Keep taking the meds!


Yeah, sounds like pdoc was receptive. You’ll reap rewards from seeing a therapist, I’m sure. Good luck!


I agree with the above posters. Sounds like a good session and hopefully the therapist can help.


Did you tell Dr Mango about your homicidal thoughts? What about how much you seem to hate yourself?

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Sooo…you had a fruitful experience with Dr. Mango? :joy:


Wow, seems your doc was very receptive. He sounds good! You are lucky in that.


Yes I told him about that. He thinks therapy will help with it.


Lol @Patrick that’s a good one :laughing:


Ok. I hope he’s right. Maybe if you pour yourself into working on what the therapist says it will help. You never know


Glad you were able to see your pdoc and describe what you’ve been going through @Hadeda.
Hope you continue to get better with therapy.

Did you tell him about the self harms, as well? I find it strange that if you told him everything that you’ve told us he wasn’t concerned.

It isn’t that I want to see you sitting in the hospital for weeks, I just want you to be WELL. I’m worried about all the distress you’ve been in.


Hi guys, I have a problem with the group website, it cannot open so I’m stuck without the group, I’m only able to answer emails. All other websites are working on my phone except the group one and I’m so confused and dismayed and sad. I hope it works again soon!

@ZombieMombie, to answer your question, yes I told my pdoc about the self harm but no, he didn’t seem too worried. He just said therapy will address most of my issues. But I’m wondering…

Will therapy mean I don’t need meds? Will it cure my sza?

Your doctor’s responses all seemed fair and logical to me. I’m sza… I haven’t been psychotic in two years but that doesn’t change the diagnosis. If I stopped APs I would likely become psychotic again.

No, therapy doesn’t replace meds. It teaches you to cope better, but just because you learn to cope with sone symptoms doesn’t mean you can cope your way out of a psychotic episode.


As salamu alaikum Earth child.

Ramadan coming up.
I fasted that too once.
Happy Ramadan to you.

Wishing you well.


Hi guys

Apparently my browser on my phone is too old and I’ve tried everything to get it to work, downloaded discourse even but nothing works so I guess I can’t come on here anymore :sob::sob::sob: I’m sorry to say goodbye… I guess in future when I get another phone or use my laptop again I’ll try to access here but the technology is getting too complicated nowadays. I’m soooo sad to go!!! I’ll be on another forum for now…


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