Schizoaffective, bipolar... My new diagnosis

Well not exactly new. I saw this pdoc about two years ago for a second opinion. He told me sza and still believes its sza.

And after stopping my meds, the first thing that happened was my moods went bit funny. So this reaffirms it for him.

He also told me if I had paranoid schizophrenia i would find it hard to hold a conversation with him. But since I am quite animated it means I don’t have it. I don’t get that part as a lot of you seem to be able to hold conversations really well.

My Nhs pdoc (the one that didn’t cost me) said it was paranoid schizophrenia and strongly disagreed with the private pdoc.

First off I just wanted to say… I love it when you post because I feel you bring a lot of conversation to the table.

It feels a bit ironic… My doc has been trying to get me to read up on and get to know the flavor of Schizoaffective. I have a feeling my label is going to be changing. But like I’ve said before, as long as the meds work, it doesn’t matter what you call me… (as long as you don’t call me late for lunch… :laughing: )

My youngest brother just got a shiny new Bipolar 1 label, and there are a lot of things he’s going through that are JUST like when I was first starting this path. It’s sort of blowing me away a bit to see the bipolar books and the Sz books have a lot of the same “coping” and “med” information.

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I had the same happen. First paranoid sz, then sz affective… The last dx was from a psychiatrist with the reasoning “You look me in the eye, and most paranoid sz don’t do that” T.T From then on we didn’t get along very well needlesstosay.


The way you were describing your symptoms - moods being all over the place, sounds like what I go through as well - It seems like you have a pretty strong mood component to your disorder. When mood is involved, either depression or hypomania (mania) or both - mixed, the SZ label becomes schizoaffective disorder or even switched over towards bipolar disorder. Whatever your label or diagnosis - It is always important to communicate clearly to your doctor how you are feeling, so this way the appropriate meds can be prescribed. It is all about symptom control, no matter which label one carries

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I am sorry to hear that you are now diagnosed with schizo-affective. This is much harder to go through than just SZ. Mood swings must be awful. Hope you get the right meds from your Pdoc for your symptoms.

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Actually my meds have controlled it for four years without much issue so I’m not sure if it’s really that hard.

Hey ish, I’m SZA too, fun huh? Its so weird how they can’t discern between sz and bipolar, that the 2 overlap so much. Mood swings are no fun, I think that they are more bothersome than the sz, at least now that i’ve got that under control.