Early signs of a major psychotic episode

Can anyone describe some early signs of a major psychotic episode. I think that I may be experiencing slight ones like the constant crying I talked about and voices and I want to prevent one from comong full coarse. I forget what happened when I had major pschotic breaks before

it starts out with me smelling bug spray and tasting it in all my food. then the paranoid thoughts roll in making me think the people i care about are poisoning me. voices chime in with causing more doubt about people around me. that’s how the last one started

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Hmm well I start getting paranoia on a regular basis, usually start getting drawn into weird beliefs, often I get very vivid and lucid dreams and may even become intensely sleepy during the day…and yeah my hallucination rate suddenly goes up.

That’a what happening more and more I have thughts I’m being watched and peoples faces turn into people i dont like so I get scared and the world makes me woozy it’s hard to describe

Thanks for that info

I used to think people poisoned me and that the meds would kill me in my sleep

i have had thoughts about meds killing me in my sleep before. the worst was fanapt. it made me sick to my stomach and i thought i would choke on my own vomit while on those pills.

I was on a high dose of that before

I haven’t had a full break that’s landed me in the hospital yet, BUT I’m probably teetering on the edge of one. The voices are louder and more frequent. New ones chime in. I can’t tell any sound 's location (internal vs external). My paranoia has SERIOUSLY ramped up. I’m constantly looking behind me now and keep hearing quick footsteps behind me everywhere I go. I can’t sleep in the dark because I’m afraid of what I can’t see.

Also, my functionality as a person has fallen off. Showers are less frequent, laundry has gone undone, teeth unbrushed, homework left to the side.

is there a doctor or therapist you can talk to?

I see my therapist on Monday afternoon, so I’m trying to hold out until then.

i hope you can, just tell the therapist what is going on and see what they say. sometimes they can get you in earlier with a psychiatrist.

Yeah, I don’t see a psychiatrist for a full other week, so I hope I can get in earlier, since I feel like I’m losing my ■■■■.

Mine started with sleep problems…weird dreams deff…then strange thoughts…and a bit of paranoia. Things went down hill pretty quick after that.

Are you on meds…of this is starting up don’t hold off the more psychotic the brain becomes the more damage accumulates…i put meds and psychiatrists off before it was to late and ended up hospitalised when could have got on the right meds and avoided it all.

I gotta get on an extra anti sychotic and I go to my psychiatrist next week he’s putting me back on haldol.

When I become psychotic it happens very rapidly. I got the phone near me at all times so I can call if I start feeling disconnected or strange but with my last 3 (only 3) episodes, I just suddenly fell prey to strange beliefs and exhibited bizarre behavior that was out of my control. Sometimes there is no ‘warm-up’, I am just suddenly totally ‘high’ and being completely controlled. The idea of it happening again is very scary.

Hang in there zombie pupper. Just remember to not listen to the voices although it doesn’t help much to just say that. Take it one day at a time. I wish you the best of luck.

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My latest one is that I thought people were playing loud music at 3:00 in the mourning. I used to go out and check who it was but it started to freak out my mom and now she stays in a room to see if I do that. After that I start hearing voices about someone who wants to kill me. Then I start to lose sleep(more due to insomnia than the voices I think). Last time I wasn’t sleeping for 5 days straight.

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