Each person has a Devil inside them

But people must learn to control this Devil. What do you think? There was a good movie about this, but I do not remember its name. This Devil makes people to make errors such as those errors that were made in that South Korean ship that killed hundreds of innocent students causing severe mental damage in the minds of their family members.

In the Bible when Adam and Eva was in Eden, in the paradise, the Devil made a woman to take something from the forbidden tree and then Eden became the Hell. The Devil made her to make this error that she should have not done.

You can ask Jesus to cast out your demons. Happy Easter!

That’s what a relapse is for me being tormented by demons.
God can also give the power to cast out demons to pdocs that prescribe the right meds in my experience.

Im an atheist but I sort of know what you mean. People have their own ill will that they need to learn to be aware of and control. I tested highly for psychopathic deviance when I was evaluated and I am manipulative sometimes. Being aware of my tendencies has made me a better person, I don’t verbally abuse people when they begin to argue with me, I just win the argument instead.

I have a friend who is a loser, he is a druggie and always ■■■■■■ up on something, uppers, downers, sleeping pills during the day, alcohol, weed, LSD or ecstasy, whatever, always something, and he likes to argue. He was drunk and argued for about an hour about neuroscience with me and when I finally won the argument he was like “SO? SO WHAT?” and I just calmly and firmly said “It’s settled.” He wanted to argue in the first place.

I used to verbally attack people who did that and tell them to leave. The subject changed and it cooled over.

He also insulted me for being “gay” because I am bisexual and my other friend who was there (who is straight but was curious one night and had sex with me) was like “that’s what bisexual is, half gay.” We just looked at each other for a second like “wow, if only he knew what we did to each other that one night”

I just don’t take insults well. I get irate when insulted, I can’t help but feel superior to almost everyone because of what I have been through and how highly I function (I am fully recovered). The only people I respect more than myself are combat veterans. I know a couple of them and they both have PTSD and have been through more hell than I have only to come out highly functioning in the end.

I do believe everyone has a dark side, or a dark place in their life. A good life is a life in balance. Everyone has a Yin and Yang. I do believe that there is a grain of chaos in everyone yearning to get out.

On the flip side, and this might be silly of me, but I do believe that everyone has some redeeming qualities as well.
If there is a Devil inside, there would also be an angle wouldn’t there?

Some of the most unlikely people reach beyond them selves when it’s least expected.

At the same time, some of the some of the kindest people have lost their way and turned their back on others.

There are some people who I know; that do hard drugs, and that are self-destructive, but I don’t think they are losers. I think they are lost.

They are in pain; they are trying to stay one step ahead of what ever they are running from. I’ve seen people leave their dark life behind and thrive. I do believe there is a dark side that people conquer with in them selves.

I’ve seen some amazing recoveries. I’ve seen people go from the loneliest, most wanting part of life to the brightest fulfillment. I guess that means I’ve seen the angle inside as well. Or is it the light that conquers the dark, or the love that conquers hate?

What ever it is called, I believe a devil and an angle, dark and light, we all have both.

Thank you for letting me post.


i think its what you water in your brain box if you water the seeds of violence and hatred it will grow if you water the seeds of compassion and sitting around going om you will be a yogurt facier type let me get the tofu from the dolphines in the fridge now.


I don’t think it was the devil who talked Eve into eating an apple from the tree of knowledge, I believe it was a snake. And I’m not sure what happened to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were banished but I don’t believe it became hell. I am not sure if the devil exists, I doubt it. But I do believe most people have a dark side whether it’s simply wishing someone bad, or actually hurting someone or other manifestations.


i heard that as human beings we are all susceptable to sin, our hearts are our greatest weakness,

whether it is the devil that causes us to sin or not is a different story, maybe it is just a human weakness.

if i am right our heart should be the seat of our faith and it is where our spirit lies.

The scariest people are the one who maintain, at all costs an angel facade, and underneath is the purest evil slithering through every pore.

I like how people do that, say that it’s something seperate from them and it’s inside them, obviously not the case.

What can we say, people are just evil, it’s not inside us, it is us.

Wow, I wonder what he’s running from to be that hard using. It makes me sad to hear of people so shackled to addiction. Maybe he hangs with you in hopes of getting some help out of the forest of addiction. I’m sure he hasn’t been diagnosed, but the people I’ve met… People who use like I use to use… have more then just boredom underneath the skin.

I used drugs to pretend I wasn’t mentally ill… If I stayed high, that explained it all. I could pretend it was the acid, not the psychosis. I could pretend it was the alcohol clouding my mind, not the illness. People didn’t think I was mentally ill, they thought I was a stoner… which is an easier stigma to bare.

I didn’t get diagnosed until the drugs got untangled from the equation. Maybe in his arguing… he was looking for answers? I hope someone out there in his life doesn’t think he’s a looser and will be willing to get him at least to the door of help. Of course he has to walk through that door alone, but if no one offers the door… Good luck with this guy.

I got my chance at recovery… I hope he gets his.


The Rite is a 2011 American supernatural thriller film directed by Mikael Håfström and written by Michael Petroni.[3] It is loosely based on Matt Baglio’s book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist.[4] which itself is based on real events as witnessed and recounted by then, exorcist-in-training, American Father Gary Thomas and his experiences from being sent to Rome to be trained and work daily with veteran clergy of the practice

That right there… I can’t go see it.

When my sis was 5 years old, my brother Jacob, (one year younger) had to babysit and snuck her in to a horror festival. Who takes a 5 year old to Silence of the Lambs? She slept in my room for weeks with a huge flash light in her grip. She’d wake up swinging.

He is bored and tries to keep his mind off of a failed relationship. He doesnt want to get better, he is very narcissistic and thinks that he is smart and entitled to do drugs. He is a spoiled brat. He started out with recreational pot in high school and is now the class idiot from my graduating class. Everyone knows him as the druggie dropout. They know me as the ballsy, smart psycho kid who beat schizophrenia and is now studying neuroscience and competitively weightlifting.

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In Buddhism we believe that everyone has fundamental darkness and a Buddhahood. We chant to bring out our Buddhahood which inspires compassion, wisdom, peace and happiness. We will always have fundamental darkness though because we are human. There are many benefits to chanting, you see the world differently, attract benefits to your life, bring protection forces to your side, and are enabled to be victorious over hurdles in your life. After I was charged with assault against a police officer, I was psychotic and tried to take his gun to shoot myself, I was faced with going to court for a year. My mom and I chanted like crazy the whole time. I had an excellent attorney. I was offered a deal to have a five year suspended sentence where I would have a felony record. My mom wouldn’t accept this and knew that they needed to accept that I was really sick at the time, so my attorney said “we’ll just have to educate them” which is a very Buddhist thing to say. As a benefit of chanting the impossible happened, I was able to apply for Pre-trial Intervention. PTI is a step bellow probation and after you complete it the charges are dropped and you don’t have a record. I chanted that I would be accepted for this. As it turned out the woman who interviewed me struggled with depression so she understood mental illness. I was accepted and just finished this past February. There were a lot of synchronicities that happened with that experience that I believe were direct results of my mom’s and my chanting. :sunny:


i know who i’d rather be :wink: haha

No one - but no one is free of sin

That’s not silly at all. I’ve never met a person in my life who was a 100% bad. Hitler was one of the evilest men in history but Eva Braun still liked him and she must have seen some smidgeon of positivity in him.