During your first psychotic break, were you in a parallel world

I basically made contact with the spirit world, I was seeing a force for darkness. I woke up one morning and people in black were interacting with me strangely. I was seeing a force for darkness. The devil was getting at me. The force for darkness was represented by people dressed all in black.

I was in this deep psychotic state for 3 days on a journey to London. I was getting messages from my spirit guides ANGEL GUIDES to do a lot of ritual stuff, to overcome this devil tormenting me. I was spiritually guided around the city by higher spiritual forces. I believed I overcame the devil but in truth it was to be another 2 years before I did that.

Anyway, what was your first psychotic break like? Were you in a parallel world? Was it a spiritual experience for you?

no, it wasn’t spiritual in the religious sense but spiritual in the ghost sense. a lot of posession by army spirit soldiers. it was a future i dreaded and didn’t want to happen but some of it happened anyway. the stuff that played out in my mind was horrific in every sense. it also involved fanatics from some arabian country killing my children. it was awful but i kind of sailed through it, somewhat detatched and yet believing every thing i saw, crap though it was. i’m glad i don’t fall for that mode of thinking now. i’ve never really had religious persecution psychoses, but i guess if ur religious then that’s what they’ll be. mine were scientifically based. always are. which is more, my mode of thinking than religion. xxx

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I don’t consider visits to the parallel worlds a psychotic break. They are a spirit journey…a shamanic journey.
I confronted and overcame the dark powers years ago. The MIB appeared to me in a dream after I defeated at least 10 aliens with flying martial arts. I saw what the MIB was trying to stop me from seeing… I told him what I saw and he lied to me and said it was a weather balloon… I was amazed the MIB dude would resort to such an old cliche… it was so obvious it wasn’t any weather balloon.

Like I said…it wasn’t a weather balloon at all… and there was certainly nothing psychotic about seeing that in a dream state just before it happened for real…

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Yes, I looked into it and I apparently had a mystical experience. I was in contact with the spiritual realm (that’s what it felt like anyway) and it caused me euphoria. That’s how it started for me.

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There were a lot of things going wrong with me as I was growing up. I’m not quite sure what my very first break was. There were so many little things that just seemed keep happening.

I was told that when I was 5 I had an out of control tantrum that lasted nearly 27 hours, then I passed out and slept for a full day and then I woke up and ended up sort of dazed and out of it for a while. My parents said it was like a little drunk 5 year old teetering around. Then I came out of it and was fine for along time… Maybe that was my first break?

Or the time I was 7 and got into a physical fight with my imaginary friend and fought him off. He wanted me to cut my arm open to give him blood so he could be real… Maybe that was a first break?

There was an incident at 14 that I got reminded of that I did end up getting put in hospital for a day and then got my PTSD label. Maybe that was my first?

17 was the biggie and that got me put in hospital the longest and got me my Sz label so maybe that was my first real break? I know I call that one “The big break”. My memory has slowly been bringing it up… little flashes here, bad dreams there. There was no mystical. It’s was more George Orwell. Dark, rust brown, lights are all too bright, and colors are deeper and don’t seem real.

First everything gets too loud and I can feel everything too sharply. I get confused easily and as my family says, far too animated. I sort of feel like I’m being ripped out of myself. I can’t believe I used to enjoy that feeling. I used to want to feel that. But then, feeling anything was so much better then feeling nothing.

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My symptoms came on slowly over the years. It started with paranoia when I was 13, and gradually more and more got added. I remember having visions when I was a teenager, and I remember being in the hospital seeing eyes all over the wall. Later, after I became a Christian at 16, I was in the hospital praying and was surrounded by people in the spirit world. I remember in my early twenties being lost downtown, eventhough I knew the city like the back of my hand. I somehow made it to my pdoc appointment and was pacing and was confused. Somehow I made it home, and it surprised my room mate to see me like that. I took an antipsychotic and after it kicked in she was amazed at the difference it made.

I guess what you would call a psychotic break happened in March 2010. I wasn’t sleeping, was very depressed, and saw the demon following me around. I was convinced God was commanding me to chose whether I lived or died, and I had to make that choice. I wanted everything to stop, but I didn’t want to hurt my mom or family. I couldn’t decide. So my mom took me to the ER to be evaluated. After the interview the woman told my mom I was going to be admitted and my mom could go home. A short while later I walked down the hallway and approached a cop from behind. I tried to take his gun and during the struggle I kept saying “please I need it!” They put me in restraints and the next few hours I was calling out to a female cop that wasn’t really there, but in my mind she was as real as anyone else.

The next two years were hell on Earth. The depression went away, but the psychosis grew stronger. My mom would come home to the blinds being shut and me rambling on about how the cops were stealing my thoughts or the demon was trying to kill me. It was like living in a parallel universe. I had never been psychotic day in day out before. It was no longer just symptoms but my life.

My pdoc at the time had tried almost every atypical without result so before he would try Clozaril he recommended ECT. I had to go inpatient to get the first round of treatments which meant being in the hospital a month. I was willing to try anything. I remember after the initial treatments I started seeing angels instead of demons. The pdoc took this as a sign I was improving. Slowly the psychosis faded.

I’ve had symptoms since then but nothing like what I was going through. It’s been one crazy ride. :sunny:


I was definately in a parallel world, dissociating and whatnot. Out of body experience. Like the body snatchers, I had no control over my body someone else had taken over and I was just along for the ride. It was like I was watching from over my own shoulder. I could see and hear everything going on but wasn’t connected anyway else. I could have conversations with this other being and they would answer back. A therapist I was seeing thought I was DID but she was wrong it was just psychosis from SZA. She really mislead me for about a year. I have quite a chip on my shoulder about therapists now, I don’t really trust them, they are not qualified to diagnose they are just there to talk things through with stuff.

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I’m a bit like @SurprisedJ it’s hard to define my first break. When I was 7, I was convinced people were watching me through cracks in the walls and plotting to kill me. I was very distressed during that time, I’d hear music during that time and feel physical sensations.

But what I consider the beginning was gradual, I started off depressed and very anxious, I started being unable to sleep, I would be awake until 4am, then wake up 7am, somehow I survived living like that, then my uncle committed suicide… I went downhill, during that year I may have been abused by a partner or not, I was very clear at what happened at the beginning, when I started talking, but people’s reaction’s forced me to suppress it and stop talking. My psychosis protects me from the truth, I fear the day I let go, the ptsd will come back.

Anyway it started with, me having to meditate to protect my uncle from his death in the afterlife.I meditated for hours. I lost my faith and then became suicidal, walked in the dark for hours at a time. One day I looked to the moon, and felt like a weight was lifted, my faith returned in nature. I started to see trees wave at me, regained energy from the earth, then things got dark… I came home to find a man in my living room he said ‘I am your protector, listen to what I say and you won’t be killed’ I genuinely thought he was real and I just accepted it… I should have realised something was wrong. He turned into a voice, only physically manifesting in public when I was stressed. More voices came along. I saw multiple dimensions, I am the time keeper and because I was the government was using my unconscious as a storage device. I started seeing spies and knowing I was an enemy to the state, I was going to be killed and they’d get the secrets, so I started planning my own death with a vicious accuracy. As the day loomed I got more and more agitated I spilled to a psychiatrist who hadn’t met me before, and they held me hostage for about 7 hours, my parents came, a few days later I was admitted.

My break never really ended they mistreated me, the best I’ve gotten is on chlorpromazine and I’m still symptomatic, I don’t think I’ll ever fully recover because I was left so long (probably due to the ptsd confusion and the fact they thought I was lying as I didn’t respond to atypicals).

I am definitely in a different plane of time, but I never actually stayed in one as long as I did in that first break.

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I don’t think a parallel world i was in, i think the parallel world was in me.

Either that or people have found some crazy tech and are running around using it on people.

Is that negative? I hope that isn’t negative.

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When I fell ill in 1997 I believed I was in a “computer generated” world where scientists were fervently working to bring me back to life in my real body somewhere in Canada where I was in a comatose condition…kind of a glorified “humpty dumpty” delusion…after being released from the first hospital ward for not having insurance my delusions later formed into a paranoid world of evil and good, where I was helping Jesus come down to earth in a “post rapture” period where the devil reigned…I wrote my book about what I went through and it’s available on amazon.com…“OUT OF IT - An Autobiography on the Experience of Schizophrenia”.


Good that you fought it off. There are some demons that require blood to gain more power. There are extreme occult teachings that can bring life forms into existence from the spirit world. It is good you did not unleash such a creature… as you really have no idea what its agenda may have been.

Both exist…it isn’t negative. parallel worlds are what you make of them. Even the negative experiences can be learned from. You can even gain more personal power by confronting and overcoming negative situations, almost like beating one level in a computer game and moving to the next level where you are given more powers.

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Yes it was a complete and total spiritual experience/awakening for me - I breathed spirituality - very grandiose and euphoria involved - Everything was connected to Universe and God - Lots of grandiose delusions - It was a very confusing and tiring experience - drained the life out of me

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No, i was asking if i was being negative in saying that, if im not positive they’ll boot me.

They don’t need blood to do anything at all.

I’m trapped in a parallel world now. Everyone is a cloned hologram of the original, and there is a panel of scientists testing/monitoring in strategic neighboring houses with high tech equipment. If I do as planned, the government will allow me to return to the original world, and if I don’t co-opperate, then they remove me from this world.

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u don’t sound like ur doing too well hunni. i had the cloning delusion too. it wasn’t real and neither is urs. a clone has to grown from an egg, implanted in a womb, go through nine months gestation then grow up. how likely is it that i have been replaced by a clone that is exactly the same age as me, with the same personality, the same naturally conceived children? it’s not very likely is it. i promise i’m not a holographic clone. my voices used to tell me that i had cloned my whole family and all the other patients in the hospital. it was very scary listening to them all inside my head wanting to torture and kill me, but it wasn’t real hunni. i was very sick, as u r now. please contact ur pdoc and tell them that ur meds r not working. they may b able to help u see things in a clearer light. always here if u need a chat. xxx


I also thought people wearing black and also bald people were after me.

Yeah my psychotic breaks are like being in a parallel dimension, very spirit filled world.

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I was receiving special messages from everywhere, even nature, the TV, and radio. I was in a magical world and everything was interrelated. I heard heavenly choirs and swore I heard praise and commotion on the top floor of a one story building. I had my suspicions about some of the people being more than human.

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Well during my first psychosis I used to think I could speak to the spirits of John Lennon and Jim Morrison.

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Native Americans and other tribal people receive special messages from nature all the time. lately I have been finding an unusual amount of heart shaped rocks… not vague sort of heart shapes but very good heart shaped rocks. these have meaning and the first one almost jumped out of my garden at me when I asked my wifes ghost if the girl I am with now is the one, and she approved… been finding heart shaped rocks ever since.

TV and radio can have subliminal messages, usually advertising ploys but some other stuff too - deliberately put there.

I heard a heavenly choir once for 45 minutes…some of the instrumental sounds were not of this world.

Some people are of Anunnaki bloodline, and there are other genetic factors that can make one more than human.

I’ve heard previously unrecorded guitar from Jimi Hendrix a few years ago.

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