Dunno how to make poll. Just a random question?


What’s the hardest part of SZ/SZA for you guys?
Abusive Thoughts?
Weird imagery that makes no sense?


Intrusive thoughts :thought_balloon:


People invading my privacy
They think they can do whatever they want just because I’m ill


Paranoia and avolition. Reading another thread reminded me just how bad avolition gets, and it sucks big time.




I’ve had really terrible hallucinations that have really tortured me. But they didn’t last that long, fortunately. The thing that was the worst, in my experience, was the paranoia that lasted for many, many years and went on 24/7.


Paranoia. Cause for me there’s a lot of it that’s rooted in past experiences. It sucks not being able to trust anything


cognitive decline, i feel almost mentally retarded at times


Not being able to trust myself being able to tell what’s real or not.


For me I think it’s the paranoia, I think it’s stopped me having a career.

The anhedonia and related avolition are bad too…

Then there’s the stigma which isn’t a symptom but is part of the experience of having this illness.


Cognitive decline. Like before I was sick I felt like my IQ was 140. Mostly from rewiring my brain and because i cheated on a fake, online test. But now it feels like it’s 120, a 20 point drop. In reality, it was like 120 before I got sick and now it’s 110. I had delusions of grandeur that I was a genius. I’m not that smart though. I’m also hoping I have ADD or Aspergers which means I might have benefited from adhd meds at one point because they would enhance cognition. I know I’m sick. My doctor said those meds wouldn’t increase IQ though. I also know they counter our meds and would make me psychotic so I’ll never take them. It’s just a fantasy.

When I was in college, I felt like I had dementia. I just wasn’t smart enough for a competitive school and major. I couldn’t hold all that information from class in my head. So I had memory loss. I started making common algebra errors and arithmetic errors. I felt stupid. I worked so hard and failed most of my math tests despite achieving a passing grade.


Avolition for me.


What @Alejandro said.


Paranoia and intrusive thoughts.


paranoia and thought disturbance.


The visual hallucinations are bad. But I think the delusions are the worst because it’s hard to not believe them. :sun_with_face:


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